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Specializing in Varicose Vein Treatment in South Florida

Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem. They can make your legs ache, burn, throb, itch, and cramp. Untreated varicose veins tend to get worse over time. They can cause leg swelling, phlebitis (inflammation of the vein), thrombosis (blood clots in the vein) and skin ulcers.

Specialist Vein Treatment Miami

Fox Vein & Laser Experts is focused on one thing: helping you find relief from varicose veins. Providing you relief from the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins is our focus and our passion. Thanks to the latest scientific innovations and our extensive experience, no one has more advanced techniques and no one cares more about your health and recovery than our friendly staff at Fox Vein & Laser Experts

Our doctors have decades of experience treating and curing all types of vein disorders including varicose veins.

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Vein Removal FAQ

Do you have visible veins that you’d like to have removed, but are hesitant to undergo an invasive procedure? The GentleMax Pro® laser might be the ideal vein removal procedure for you. This treatment can eliminate visible veins in individuals of all skin types and ethnicities.

Fox Vein & Laser Experts are dedicated to providing patients in the Pembroke Pines and Hollywood areas of Florida with the highest quality of vein and laser services available today. Our practice’s head physician, Dr. Susan Fox, has over 20 years of experience in the field of vein and laser treatments. If you’d like more information about our practice or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment with us, contact us today!

Why Choose Vein Removal?

Veins are present in every area of the body and come in all shapes and sizes. While veins are vital to every person’s health, some of them can be a source of aesthetic frustration. In particular, small veins close to the surface of the skin referred to as spider veins can develop in highly visible places like the face and legs, causing affected individuals to feel self-conscious about their appearances.

Because we know that these small, visible veins can be a cosmetic and occasionally medical concern, Fox Vein & Laser Experts is proud to provide our patients access to the GentleMax Pro® laser for vein removal. This laser is one of the safest non-invasive methods of vein removal available today. It can be used on patients of all skin types and ethnicities and has been clinically proven to effectively eliminate spider veins, along with many other aesthetic concerns.

How Does it Work?

During a GentleMax Pro® vein removal treatment, two different wavelengths of light are directed at the treatment area. This laser energy passes through the topmost layer of the skin and is absorbed by the target spider vein. As this laser energy is absorbed by the vein, it begins to heat it up. This disrupts the structure of the vein, eventually causing it to rupture and be reabsorbed by the body.

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

The amount of time that each vein removal treatment takes depends on the size and depth of the target vein. Typically, patients feel little to no pain throughout the course of the procedure and experience minimal to no downtime once it’s over. While some veins can be destroyed after a single treatment session, others may require multiple sessions to be eliminated entirely.

The GentleMax Pro® is an excellent vein removal option for patients who would like to remove frustrating veins without having to undergo a painful, invasive procedure. If you’d like more information about this treatment or are interested in seeing if you’re a candidate, contact Miami Vein Center today to schedule a consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our medical team has decades of experience treating venous disease and Dr. Susan Foxand her team have successfully performed tens of thousands of vein procedures.

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Zenny Molina
Zenny Molina
21:04 17 Mar 20
1st time visiting this office and will never return nor would I recommend anyone to visit.1pm appointment, I walk in... and greet the girl at the left desk, whom informs me this space has 2 offices so I need to sign in on the clipboard at the right side office and someone will be with me shortly. I signed in...I sat for 30min. The girl sitting at the desk on right never picked up the clipboard. The whole time I was sitting there, she was laughing, talking to 3 other coworkers and watching television, discussing personal information. Never even greeted me, seeing me at the waiting area. I got up and told her "I'm leaving bc I've been waiting over 30min, she said "oh, I didn't even know you were here. If you want to leave, then leave." I requested the office Manager which didn't assist in the situation. That office staff is extremely, rude, unprofessional, immature, condescending and unaccommodating. Keep in mind, I drove from my house in Edgewater, downtown Miami to waste my time, energy and gas. 1 star is way more than they deserve!read more
Emily Santana
Emily Santana
16:09 11 Feb 20
Seriously don’t go here unless you get in writing what you will be billed post appointment. I had treatment with... this office for 9 months and not ONCE did they ever bill me a balance. All they would ever say is “your insurance approved all we need is your copay”. Well 3-4 months after I finished treatment bam hundreds of dollars in medical bills start rolling in.... NEVER AGAIN! They lost me as a customer for good! This is wrong, people should know up front what they will be billed to make a smart financial decision. Well in the end my bills added up to over $1000. STAY AWAY! Oh and FYI my legs still hurt! If I had the option. To put 0 stars I would!!read more
Kayla Q
Kayla Q
04:02 28 Jan 20
I don't usually leave reviews but I felt that this facility deserved some appreciation. I visited this office for laser... tattoo/scar removal. Upon my first visit, I was introduced to and cared for by a sweet, sweet woman named Bonnie. I was very scared and the details of my procedure were very personal. Bonnie made me feel so comfortable, safe and accepted. I have never met a medical professional that has went above and beyond for a patient in the way that Bonnie has. She is so caring and makes sure with every step that you are comfortable. She makes the experience about you instead of about the paycheck. Bonnie has given me hope in society. I will reccomend her until the day I drop. She is the coolest, sweetest, most non judgemental and honest person I have met in this practice and that means more to me than any cosmetic procedure ever would. With my experience, I was quickly seen with minimal wait times. The staff is very kind and the medical personnel are super clean. I watched Bonnie change gloves probably more than 5 times in a half hour visit! They aren't trying to sell you something with every other breath, even though they do sell a line which has done wonders for my skin. No joke, I have spent thousands on skincare, and their stem cell line has made me happy with my skin again! I had tattoos removed on my first visit, they were surface level, but they were totally gone after my first visit and they healed like nothing was ever there! I was comfortable and pain free the entire time. The prices are the best around my area, and the services are phenomenal. I will definitely be returning for Facial treatments and I will continue purchasing the skincare more
Luana K
Luana K
13:15 11 Oct 19
I have had 2 sessions with Jamie for Vivace Microneedling and it is absolutely amazing! Jamie is super kind and... knowledgeable and knows exactly how to target your stubborn acne areas. Even after 1 treatment my deepest problem areas were remarkably improved and my skin is more even and brighter! The treatment works wonders for my skin!read more
10:52 18 Jul 19
I have done a few treatments at Dr. Fox office. I loved each and everyone. The staff is very friendly, and... professional. I did Vivace which I loved the results, no down time, just that same day some redness and my skin is pretty sensitive. The skin looks so much nicer, tighter, I feel so much happier with how my skin looks and feels. I also did a special hydro facial that I loved. My daughters love how my skin looks and compliment, so today taking my daughter to a teen facial, she is so excited. Best place for all the treatments. My friend has her varicose veins treatments with Dr. Susan Fox and is very happy as well. Don’t look any further this is a one stop place for so many amazing more
Carolyn Hart
Carolyn Hart
12:14 06 Jun 19
I am very impressed with the quality of care at Fox Vein Experts. In less than one month, the circumference of my... calves has decreased by 1 1/2 inches and I have had significant improvement in pain levels. Even more importantly, I am impressed with the attention to patient safety. As a nurse, I am very aware of medical errors and am passionate about attention to details and being proactive regarding safety measures. The staff at Fox Vein could serve as models for how this is correctly done. Dr. Fox is very particular about her work, and fusses over details. She delivers excellent care in a relaxed and friendly manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Fox Vein more
peter birzon
peter birzon
14:13 10 May 19
Excellent staff and very skilled doctor.....everything was explained about the procedure and aftercare.....overall, a... very professional and compassionate more
Phyllis Tannebaum
Phyllis Tannebaum
22:20 20 Feb 19
This is not the doctor for me! She may be for you. Arrived 10 minutes early for a Monday morning 9:30 appt. Check in... was pleasant, Medical Assistant who took me back to exam room was kind & caring. Waited over 1 1/2 hours for Susan Fox, D.O . She entered, turned her back to me & asked how I was doing? Upon telling her I was frustrated for waiting, I rec’d a lecture on how one of her employees had an emergency & prior patient had an issue. No apology. When I mentioned my initial appt was cancelled, she went into a diatribe on how in 20 years of work, she had never called in sick. In my opinion It was rude, awkward and unprofessional. I said there was no need for an explanation but she continued as she mentioned she felt she was being attacked! I kindly asked if we could please clear the air before my exam. She said she doesn’t take anything personally. I would debate that statement. Paid my copay and will find another vein specialist who was recommended to me in Coral more
Nancy Calabrese
Nancy Calabrese
14:53 15 Nov 18
The office of Dr. Fox is a professional and comfortable surrounding for many procedures. I have personally had vein and... also laser procedures done and was very impressed with the care I received. I would highly recommend this office to anyone hello might be interested In getting a consultation on the varicose vein‘s. I suffered with my varicose vein‘s for at least 15 years. I wish I had known about this earlier in my more
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