Get the Benefits of Laser Vein Treatment vs. Stripping Surgery

Venous insufficiency represents the root of many dermatological conditions, which includes varicose and spider veins. These symptoms can cause everything from lowered self-esteem to discomfort and pain. The problem is that solving these problems can be more uncomfortable and dangerous than the condition itself. Removing problematic veins can present discomfort and can increase a patient’s risk of internal bleeding.

Laser vein treatment represents one of the most advanced methods of treating problematic veins. It aims to directly alter the structure of troublesome veins in a way that both shrinks them and causes a clot to form. So how does laser vein treatment compare to vein stripping surgery?

What is Vein Stripping?

Vein stripping is the surgical standard for removing problematic veins. It aims to cauterize and remove the affected vein, which in turn allows for the problematic vein to permanently be removed.

This treatment has evolved dramatically. Current methods use a minimally-invasive laparoscopic procedure designed to remove the vein permanently without a large incision. A small incision is made at one end of the vein, and another is made at the exit point.

A tool “clips” the vein at these ends before removing it via one of the incisions. The remaining veins are held closed by cauterization, staples, clamps or another method so a clot can form while the risk of bleeding internally is minimized.

What is Laser Vein Treatment?

Laser vein treatment represents a new kind of treatment for problematic veins. It utilizes a small laser that directly applies laser energy to the walls of the vein, which in turn causes the vein to constrict while allowing clots to form.

The changes resulting from this procedure are permanent, but it does not require the veins to be removed. The body can slowly absorb the affected vein as it deems necessary, which in turn is one of the reasons why laser vein treatment tends to enjoy higher success rates than other non-invasive methods, like Sclerotherapy.

The recovery associated with laser vein treatment is minimal due to the sturdiness of the clot and the changes to the veins. This allows patients to resume their normal activities within a few days of completing treatment.

How Does Laser Vein Treatment Compare to Vein Stripping?

Laser vein treatment has a significantly smaller recovery period than vein stripping. It has fewer negative side effects, which includes a lack of bruising and skin discoloration. The procedure itself takes less time to complete than vein stripping.

Get All the Facts About Laser Vein Treatment

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