Can Estheticians Do Microneedling

Understanding Microneedling for Estheticians: What to Know

So, you’re ready to get your first micro-needling treatment but aren’t sure what kind of skin professional to go to. This is an issue many people face if they aren’t too familiar with different skin care treatments, especially when they’re experiencing the treatment for the first time. 


Microneedling is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that helps produce more collagen and elastin in the skin to address skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, loose and sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, oversized pores, age spots, sun damage, stretch marks, scars, and it can even help with hair growth for those who suffer from hair loss conditions like alopecia. Although it is a non-surgical procedure, there is a bit of a medical component to this skin treatment, so the question about what kind of skin professional you should go to for it is a valid one.


You’ve probably heard the terms esthetician and aesthetician and thought they were the same thing. They sound alike, are spelled almost identically, and do the same kind of work…right? Not necessarily. An esthetician is someone who specializes in skincare and performs things like facials, skin consultations, and makeup application in a salon or spa setting, while an aesthetician focuses on more medical-grade skincare treatments and works in a medspa, clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital. 

Beautiful Female FaceThe Microneedling Process for Estheticians

If you’re wondering if estheticians do micro-needling, the answer can vary. According to, FDA guidelines prohibit estheticians from using micro-needling devices that are more than 0.3 mm, and they can only use devices that do not make medical claims. Additionally, each state has its own laws that dictate what estheticians and aestheticians can and cannot do. For micro-needling in Florida, if the esthetician has the right license, they are allowed to perform micro-needling.


Typically, however, micro-needling is an aesthetician’s job, and dermatologists also perform micro-needling. Just because someone is an aesthetician or a dermatologist, doesn’t mean they automatically can perform this skincare treatment. These skincare specialists need to go through the right education and training in order to be able to offer micro-needling to clients. Specialists that perform micro needling need to understand the proper treatment protocol and be well-informed about all the topical products that are used in tandem with the treatment. They need to be able to explain any pre- and post-treatment care to their patients, and it’s important that they be able to identify those who might not be the right candidate for the treatment. 

Microneedling InjectionSome Reminders Regarding the Microneedling Device

Not only do they need training on the treatment in general, but training is also needed for the specific device being used. For example, at Fox Vein & Laser Experts, we use the VirtueRF micro-needling device, the world’s first RF micro-needling platform that can address face, neck, and body, and delivers immediate results with little to no downtime.

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There are at-home micro-needling devices on the market, but these do not deliver the same high-quality results as what you’ll get when you book a micro-needling treatment with a licensed aesthetician in a professional setting. These devices are also not going to be as sterile or safe as those in a medspa or skincare clinic. For the best possible results from micro-needling, it’s best to book an appointment with an experienced, licensed aesthetician in a professional office. 


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