Common Causes of Facial Veins

Spider veins are dilated or broken capillaries that become visible through the skin. These veins usually look like webs, which is how they get their name. While spider veins are most commonly found on the legs, they can also be seen on the face around the nose and under the eyes. Facial Veins pose absolutely no threat to your overall health, but they can cause you to be embarrassed about your appearance. There are multiple causes of facial veins.


Your veins become weaker as you age. If the veins become weak and are unable to perform properly, then the capillaries are at a much higher risk of breaking. Your skin also becomes a lot weaker as you get older. The combination of weak veins and skin makes it much more likely that you experience facial veins.

Skin Diseases

Several common skin diseases increase your risk of facial veins because they make your skin irritated or dilated. This prolonged irritation can put a lot of extra pressure on the veins, which will eventually start to destroy the capillaries. The skin diseases that commonly lead to facial veins are rosacea and eczema.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous Insufficiency is a medical condition that occurs when the veins are not able to adequately circulate the blood throughout the body. If the veins aren’t able to work properly, then blood will start to accumulate in the veins.

This buildup of blood puts extra pressure on the blood vessels, which will lead to the damaged and broken capillaries that cause veins to show in the face. High blood pressure and obesity are two conditions that put you at a much higher risk of developing venous insufficiency.

Lifestyle Factors

There are several lifestyle factors that can greatly increase the chances you develop facial veins, including stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, prolonged exposure to the sun and strained eyes. All five of these things are known to hurt the health of your skin and veins, which are the key factors needed to develop facial veins. If you have developed this condition around or near the eyes, then it may be caused by one of these lifestyle factors.


Few things destroy the health of your skin like smoking. In addition to damaged skin, smoking is also known to damage your arteries and veins. This will lead to premature aging and drastically increase your risk of getting veins in the face. Excessive exposure to second-hand smoke can also lead to the development of this condition.


Genetics and heredity play a big role in the development of facial veins. Some people are just going to be more predisposed to the weakened skin and veins needed for these veins to appear. If your family has a history of facial veins, then there is a very good chance that you may also get them in the future.

Treatments for Facial Veins

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