Conservative Treatments for Spider & Varicose Veins

Spider & varicose veins may not be a serious health issue when they first appear, but if they are not treated, they can develop into a severe condition called venous insufficiency. The first approach when treating these types of veins is typically a conservative one, because sometimes they can be stopped in their tracks and not get worse. Conservative treatments include any non-invasive methods that do not require anesthetics, surgery or medication.

During a consultation with our Miami vein expert, your vein issues may be diagnosed and a treatment recommended. Most treatments start with conservative management programs before other minimally-invasive or surgical treatments are prescribed. You may have a physical exam and be asked about your medical history. At this time, our specialist will determine if further examination is needed to identify the veins that are not functioning properly.

1. Compression Stockings – Conservative Approach

The conservative approach to treating spider & varicose veins usually starts with compression stockings and several lifestyle changes. Compression stockings are only available by prescription. They put more pressure on the outside veins that forces the blood to go through deeper veins. This keeps the blood flowing up the legs back to the heart. They usually add more pressure at the ankles and lessen the pressure up to the knee or thigh. They may help relieve the painful symptoms immediately.

Lifestyle changes may include leg elevation whenever you are sitting. It is important to get your feet higher than your heart. This helps the weak veins drain. Other lifestyle changes that are typically connected with conservative treatments are weight loss if you are seriously overweight or obese and avoiding crossing your legs when you are sitting. You should also avoid long periods of standing even if you are wearing compression stockings.

The reason lifestyle changes can make such a big difference is that many daily habits are the cause of the varicose veins. When the veins become weak and cannot push the blood against gravity, the blood starts to pool in the legs, causing the veins to bulge and twist. Obesity, lack of exercise and continuous standing or sitting are all reasons the veins become weak. The damage cannot be undone, but when many of those habits are changed, the problem may not get worse.

2. Exercise – Conservative Treatment

In many cases, exercise is one of the most important conservative treatments you can do for varicose veins treatment in Miami. Walking and running are good because they improve the circulation in your legs. Depending on the situation, conservative treatments for spider & varicose veins are almost always the first treatments suggested by our specialist. They may not completely get rid of the disease, but they will lessen the symptoms. When conservative treatments do not work, there are minimally-invasive treatments such as sclerotherapy that can completely remove the unwanted vein and give you smooth legs again. With locations in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, Fox Vein, and Laser Experts is here to help you with your venous issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about your treatment options.