Four Benefits of Compression Stockings For Varicose Veins

Compression Stockings or Elastic Stocking

Compression stockings are tight elastic stockings that gently massage your legs to keep the blood flowing through your lower leg veins. A compression stocking is also likely prescribed if you have a diagnosis of venous insufficiency in your legs.

compression stockingsSince compression stockings are made with elastic material they help to prevent varicose veins from developing. While there is nothing you can do about chronic venous insufficiency these stockings work in supporting the damaged veins by pushing the blood against the gravity going to the heart.

Did Your Doctor Prescribe Compression Stockings?

The Compression stocking is ordered for the prevention of blood clots in the legs ordered for you after surgical procedures that temporarily limit your walking ability.

When the veins in your lower legs become damaged or aged these veins are not able to move the blood up towards your heart. This blood starts to pool in your calf and ankle veins and you are going to experience edema and possibly some nighttime leg cramps.

Those who do not have a vein condition, but perhaps has this running in their family would be wise to start wearing support stockings as a preventative measure. Compression stockings are tighter than support stockings and give optimum support to the veins.

If you do nothing preventative to help this problem, then the damaged veins can become twisted and you will soon notice a purple or blue color under your skin. Severely affected varicose veins can pop and bleed out. The professional staff at the vein center Miami helps to fit you with the exact size measurement of stockings.

Four Benefits of  Wearing Compression Stockings

There are great benefits of wearing compression stockings either temporarily after a surgical procedure or all the time because you do have a diagnosis of chronic vein problems and lower leg and ankle edema, spider veins, chronic venous insufficiency, and varicose veins.

While the main benefit of wearing compression stockings is to make sure your legs continue to have a healthy blood flow there are many more benefits of these stockings. Listed below are at least four benefits of wearing compression stockings. You do not have to have a vein issue to reap the benefits of wearing these stockings.

For many years athletes found that wearing compression stockings helped them endure competitions and give their legs a real boost as they were performing. The boost comes from the increased blood flow in the legs which also carries lactic acid to the heart. Athletes find that leg fatigue decreases tremendously.

Those who are devoted to working out routines can benefit from wearing compression stockings to experience a faster recovery time with less muscle soreness.

If you are on your feet a lot such as a nurse or Aventura vein doctor compression stockings help to relieve leg fatigue.

If you suffer from foot problems such as fallen arches, or plantar fasciitis, compression stockings help to alleviate pain when your feet become fatigued and painful.

compression stockings for veinsThe Compression Stocking is available in colors and designs that fit your taste and fashion. Now that times have changed to the point that compression stockings are the in-thing to wear in fashion because they look cool. They no longer come in the usual drab tan colors. Compression stockings are so much different than yesterday’s stockings to the point that no one would know you are wearing these healthy stockings.

If you’d like more information about compression stocking and scheduling a consultation appointment with a Miami vein doctor, contact us today!