What Causes Hand Veins to bulge and How are They Treated?

What is Bulging Hand veins?

Hand veins is a medical condition that causes bulging and protruding veins in the hands. Veins in hand look and act very similar to varicose veins. While everyone has veins in their hands for proper blood circulation, nobody wants to see these veins bulging their skin. While most of the primary causes of hand veins are unpreventable, the condition is easy to treat and remove veins.

Hand veins
Dark Veins in Hands

What Cause of Varicose Veins in Hand to bulge?

1) The primary cause of bulging hand veins is age. Your skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner as you age. The thinning of skin makes the hand veins much more visible than they were, and the loss of elasticity makes the hand veins appear.

2) Exercise is another common cause of hand veins. It may not make sense, but attempting to improve your health has the potential to ruin the appearance of your hands. The physical activity experience during exercise causes your blood pressure to rise. This elevated blood pressure causes your veins to be pushed closer to the skin. The bulging hand veins should go away once your blood pressure returns to normal, but exercising on a regular basis will make the hand veins permanent.

3) The final cause of hand veins to bulge is extremely hot weather. High temperatures tend to wreak havoc on everyone’s veins. Even a young and healthy person will see their veins enlarge. The high temperatures make it harder for vein valves to work properly, which ultimately makes the veins enlarge.

Hand veins may be a natural part of aging, but that does not mean you have to live with veins in hand for the rest of your life. The appearance of your hand veins is only going to get worse over time, so you should make an appointment to fix the problem now. Treating hand veins is an extremely easy process, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Types of Veins in Hands

Popped Vein in Hands

This type of hand vein condition is typically caused from an injury or direct impact such as hitting or bumping an item when using the hands. A vein that is popped may indicate that a vein is actually “leaking”. Symptoms include a bruise that develops quickly, swelling and sometimes pain. Generally, a normal vein will clot fast. As well, normal vein clotting caused by a leak will prevent or limit the swelling. Generally popped vein in finger can be treated at home. However, contact a specialist if you have any concerns or experience intense pain.

Bulging Veins in Hands

Bulging veins or enlarged veins are a common condition. The enlarged veins generally occur on the surface of the skin. A typical cause is low body fat. In fact, your veins can be more prominent if you do not have a lot of fat on your hands. Another cause of bulging veins is due to aging. As we get older, the skin gets thinner and loses its elasticity. The “thin” skin makes your veins more noticeable. In addition, bulging veins may be from the damage or weak valves causing the collection of blood. In turn, the veins become enlarged.

Blue Veins in Hands

Blue veins or feeder and reticular veins are venous blood vessels that can be blue in color. The change is color is due to the veins being abnormally stretched beneath the surface of the skin. Blue veins can appear in the hands. Although blue hand veins are smaller than varicose veins, they can be unsightly and sometimes painful. The cause of blue veins can vary from aging or genetics to loss of fat or even the shade of your skin. Treatment during the early stages of any venous vein condition may improve appearance as well as prevent further progression of the condition.

Green Veins on Hands

Green hand veins in the hands are generally a normal condition. However, green vein lines can be a sign of varicose veins. A good indicator of varicose veins is when the veins are bulging and appear knotted or twisted. Green veins are more common but can be found in the hands. Green veins on hands are similar to spider veins but just a little bigger. Sometimes they may be a sign of a venous issue like varicose veins. Oftentimes green veins are unavoidable. However, professional treatment is simple and easy.

Busted Vein in Hand

Busted veins in hands can be caused by additional blood in the veins. The pressure from the extra blood causes the leakage under the skin. In general, the affected area becomes red and looks like a dark colored bruise. Busted veins can be caused by accidentally bumping into objects or squashing a finger such has with a hammer or car door. Broken blood vessels can also be due to aging. In truth, the skin gets thinner and bruises easily as we age. If you are concerned about the appearance of a busted vein, contact a specialist. Typically, busted veins are easily treated.

Dark Veins in Hands

Generally, very dark veins in hands are due to low oxygenated blood. As a rule, arterial blood is bright red. On the other hand, venous blood is dark in color. Dark veins are normally found on the arms. However, they can also appear on the chest and hands. Oftentimes these veins are dark purple in appearance and more visible on people with light colored skin. Dark veins can also indicate varicose vein issues. However, varicose veins are not real common on the hands. Contact Dr. Susan Fox a vein and laser specialist if you are concerned or have questions about your condition.

Sclerotherapy  Primary Treatment for Varicose Veins in Hands

Since hand veins are a cosmetic condition, they may be treated using sclerotherapy. This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting your veins with a solution. It may take a few weeks, but sclerotherapy could eliminate your hand veins.

Sclerotherapy has become the primary treatment for spider and varicose veins because it is so effective at removing the sight of bulging veins in the body. Since sclerotherapy only involves injecting a solution into the veins, you may be able to immediately return to your normal activities following the procedure. For the treatment of your hand veins contact a vein center Miami.

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