How to Get Rid of Facial Bruising After Injections

Sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles make everyone embarrassed these days. Especially when you are a working woman, you want to look great every time. Thus, to look best, women often use cosmetic injections to get rid of these skin problems.

facial injections cause bruisesHowever, it can lead to Bruises, a kind of skin injury in which the facial blood vessels burst due to the cheek fillers. Usually, it goes down after some time, but the specialists suggest taking some precautions to reduce the Bruise’s effects and pain.

There’s a risk of Bruising whenever you have some cosmetic injections. So, here are some preventive steps that should be taken before you go ahead with cosmetic surgery.

9 Simple Yet Effective Tips for Getting Rid of Facial Bruising After Injections

Take Arnica Before and After the Face Treatment. 

Arnica is a famous homeopathic herb extracted from a flowering plant (Arnica montana). Consuming the tablets before or after the treatment will reduce the swelling and inflammation that occur during face lifting injections.

Moreover, you can use arnica base gel and ointment on the Bruise a few times per day to reduce bruising.

Avoid the Consumption of Supplements and Medications 

Certain medicines and also some food supplements usually show a blood-thinning effect. These medicines may slow down the formation of platelets that stop bleeding and reduce bruising.

And if your platelets are not able to repair the broken capillaries after cosmetic injections, it can increase the risk of bruising. Thus, to minimize the risk of bruising, make sure to avoid medications like aspirin, food supplements, and NSAIDs like naproxen and ibuprofen.

The common food supplements that we need to avoid before the treatment are chia seeds, flaxseed oil, omega three fatty acid capsules, and garlic. If possible, consult with a Miami vein center about what kind of medicines and food you need to avoid.

Skip Vigorous Exercising for Two to Three days After the Treatment 

Although exercising is good for health, but doing vigorous exercise after having treatment increases the risk of bruising. After cosmetic surgery, the face muscles and veins are already at greater risk of bruising.

Further, doing exercise can boost up the risk of Bruises. So, it’s better to avoid exercise after the treatment. It gives you time to recover from the effect of filler injections. After that, when your face gets normal, you can start exercising again.

Skip Alcohol Before and After Fillers Injections 

Alcohol will act as a vasodilator that can cause a blood vessel to dilate and relax. Even a small amount of alcohol can trigger vasodilation. However, if you continue the consumption before and after the cheek fillers, it may increase the risk of bruising.

So, it’s better to skip alcohol sometime before and after the treatment. And if possible, you must avoid alcohol 24 hours before you opt for the treatment. This will help in reducing the bruising effect after the cosmetic procedure.

Apply Aloe Vera on Affected Area 

Applying aloevera gel to the affected area helps reduce the inflammation and pain that occurs due to the fillers. But make sure to use the pure aloe vera gel that helps to reduce the effect of the bruising.

Apply Ice Pack Over the Affected Area 

The ice-cold packs help constrict the blood vessels and lower the blood flow at the filler injection sites. It is also effective in dealing with bruising effects if you apply before the treatment and even after the treatment.

cosmetic injections causes facial bruisingMoreover, it helps to reduce the discomfort of the needles that occur on the face due to cosmetic injections. More often, it helps to reduce the appearance of the bruising effect over the injection sites.

Compress with Elastic Bandage 

Make sure to wrap the face or bruised area with some elastic bandage. Wrapping will help squeeze the face tissue, which helps prevent the flow of blood in blood vessels. Using this technique can lessen the bruising effect and also help to reduce the swelling and pain over the affected area.

Apply Vitamin K Cream on Affected Area 

Vitamin K is an essential part of blood clotting. Thus, applying the Vitamin K cream to the affected area will minimize the bruising effect. Moreover, it helps to reduce the pain and irritation that occur due to the injections.


Elevating the bruised area will help to deal with the bruising. It gives you relief from the pain that occurs due to cosmetic injections. Moreover, elevation can also help to reduce the pressure over the treated area.

Bottom Line

The bruising effect can remain for a long time if not treated on time. This may leave you in pain and irritation for several days. Thus, by applying these tips, you can reduce the symptom and effects of the bruising.