Minimize Facial Veins with VeinGogh

Studies conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery found that nearly half of all adult women claim they are unhappy with the appearance of their skin due to spider veins. While most spider veins are not dangerous, they are a common cosmetic problem that many people would like to avoid.

If you have recently begun to notice facial veins around your nose, cheeks, or eyes, then you might want to consider the advanced new treatment known as VeinGogh®.

Understanding Telangiectasia

veingogh treatment for facial veins

Telangiectasia is the medical term that is used to describe spider veins anywhere on a patient’s face. While these veins look almost identical to the spider veins on one’s legs or arms, they actually develop for different reasons. Telangiectasia is the result of a backflow of blood in the veins. Over time, the back-flow will damage the vein’s walls.

There are a few different variables that will increase one’s risk of developing this condition. This includes high blood pressure, prolonged inflammation, and obesity. 

Patients who wash their face too often or too vigorously can develop telangiectasia if they end up damaging the capillaries. There is also a hereditary component to this cosmetic condition.

Treatment Options

In the past, a patient’s only option for addressing this issue was to cover it with some form of makeup. Advances in laser technology have given us VeinGogh®.

This treatment involves the use of high-frequency bursts of energy delivered through a microscopic probe. The goal is to coagulate the extra blood in the capillary while weakening the walls.

After the walls have been weakened, the patient’s body will naturally reabsorb the tissue. Within a few days, the damaged capillary should no longer be visible.

Preparing for VeinGogh®

facial veins with veingogh

Patients will be glad to hear that the Vein-Gogh® lasers are safer and more effective than other laser procedures. The average patient describes the treatment® as feeling a “pinch.” 

Preparing for this treatment requires nothing more than an initial consultation with our medical team to determine if you will make a good candidate. Patients with medical conditions that affect their skin or veins might not be good candidates for VeinGogh®.

After the initial screening, our vein doctor Miami will prep your skin. Most patients may show noticeable improvements immediately following their appointment. As time goes on, however, the veins will continue to recede and become less visible.

Following the procedure, any inflammation or redness near the treatment sites will disappear shortly after.

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