Know about Sclerotherapy for Minimally Invasive Vein Removal

When your veins bunch up under your skin and start to look like you’ve got ropes instead of blood vessels, it can be a bother. This especially holds true if you find yourself dealing with swollen feet and ankles, not to mention the sensation of heaviness as you drag your legs around with you every day. Varicose veins can get you down when they make your legs hurt all of the time.

If you’ve tried changes in lifestyle that haven’t worked, such as the use of support stockings, cutting back on standing, blood thinners, and walking, it’s time to look for another solution. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that can help you to nip your varicose veins in the bud.

Why Consider Sclerotherapy?

If you have varicose veins, there is a good chance that they are not going to go away. Don’t be surprised if the condition worsens as these faulty veins fail to do their job. Your veins have valves that work in one direction. The blood is supposed to flow freely throughout the body.

When you have a varicose vein, the valve is not functioning properly anymore. The blood stops flowing forward and forms a pool. As the blood continues to accumulate, the vein becomes swollen, discolored, and rises to the surface. If you like to show your legs, varicose veins put a crimp in your style. Varicose veins can eventually lead to blood clots, a much bigger problem. Sclerotherapy is a solution.

What is Sclerotherapy All About?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that involves a solution being injected in order to act as an irritant and make the varicose vein close up. In the weeks that follow the procedure, the vein will disappear. You’ll no longer have to stare at those unsightly veins that have been making you hide them from sight.

Is Sclerotherapy Right for Everyone?

Sclerotherapy is an effective choice for most individuals. However, there are a few considerations that may force you to seek other treatment options. You should not have sclerotherapy performed if you are going to have a baby.

You also need to reconsider if you have been prone to blood clots or blood clots are typical in your family history. Bypass patients often must forego sclerotherapy because the affected veins in the legs may still be useful during heart surgery.

Make an Appointment to Discuss Sclerotherapy Today

Do not waste another minute fretting about your varicose veins. Contact Fox Vein & Laser Experts today to schedule a consultation and express your concerns. We will evaluate the condition of your veins and study your medical history to determine if sclerotherapy is the best option for you.

Sclerotherapy can eliminate varicose veins, allowing you to go on with your life without the hindrance of unsightly veins.