The Truth About Varicose Vein Removal

No one thinks too much about varicose vein removal until one day, they look down at their legs, and begin to notice the rapid spread of those unsightly green and purple veins. Almost as soon as you begin to observe how quickly varicose veins appear on your body, you’re riddled with desperation to remove them.

varicose veins

At Fox Vein and Laser Experts, the best in Miami vein removal, we have become the leaders in making legs beautiful again. But first, what exactly are varicose veins, where do they come from, and how can you get rid of varicose veins safely and easily?

These are some of the questions we are faced with every day, and if knowledge is power, consider this to be your little encyclopedia for beautiful, smooth, youthful looking skin.

Varicose veins are gnarled, enlarged veins. Any vein may become varicose, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs and feet. That’s because standing and walking upright increases the pressure in the veins of your lower body.  They often appear dark blue, purple, and sometimes greenish in color, making the appearance of varicose veins more of a cosmetic concern than anything else. While they are relatively painless for most people, in others, varicose veins can cause itching and aching pain, making varicose vein removal a priority.

Varicose Veins come largely in part these two factors:


As you get older, your veins can lose elasticity, causing them to stretch. The valves in your veins may become weak, allowing blood that should be moving toward your heart to flow backward. Blood pools in your veins, and your veins enlarge and become varicose. The veins appear blue because they contain deoxygenated blood, which is in the process of being recirculated through the lungs.


Some pregnant women develop varicose veins. Pregnancy increases the volume of blood in your body, but decreases the flow of blood from your legs to your pelvis. This circulatory change is designed to support the growing fetus, but it can produce an unfortunate side effect — enlarged veins in your legs. Varicose veins may surface for the first time or may worsen during late pregnancy when your uterus exerts greater pressure on the veins in your legs. Changes in your hormones during pregnancy also may play a role. Varicose veins that develop during pregnancy generally improve without medical treatment three to 12 months after delivery.

varicose veinsSo, to answer the million dollar question – how has Dr. Susan Fox, owner and founder of Fox Vein & Laser Experts quickly become the best in vein removal in Miami and the surrounding areas?

We provide patient-centered care and treat each patient like family, whether they’re here for medical or cosmetic treatment. We individualize a treatment plan for each person and treat the source of the problem so the veins go away for good, instead of just giving a temporary fix to the problem.

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