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Do your spider veins or the varicose veins make you feel awkward and self-conscious? Or do these varicose veins bring discomfort and severe pain to you? Then say goodbye to them with the best vein removal in Fort Lauderdale.

Fortunately, various effective and safe treatments are possible to get rid of the spider and varicose veins and find relief. Here, we have Fort Lauderdale vein removal doctors pleased to offer accurate vein removal treatment for women and men who are ready to achieve comfort on their skin by removing these varicose veins.

Why Have Varicose Vein Removal Treatment? 

Varicose veins are the network of veins that may protrude over the skin and affect the legs’ appearance in both women and men. It looks like the starbursts and fine webs that appear in the small areas close to the skin’s surface.

However, the varicose vein can appear over the face and other areas too. These may be swollen, raised, and purple or blue in color, and in some individuals, these look like bulging cords.

Perhaps, no one knows the exact reason for the varicose or the spider veins, but some may suggest that hormonal imbalance and family history can cause this trouble. In women, menopause, pregnancy, and puberty can increase the likelihood of varicose veins.

In those cases, the individual needs to have the best Fort Lauderdale vein removal services that help eliminate these varicose veins and achieve flawless skin. So, we being the Fort Lauderdale vein removal doctors, provide you best laser treatment with successful results and no side effects.

Let’s Check First if Vein Removal Treatment is Safe for you. 

laser vein treatmentBefore you move ahead with the vein removal treatment, our Fort Lauderdale vein removal doctors will check whether you are good for the treatment or not. The treatment is good for you if:

  • If you have a healthy medical ground
  • If you don’t have any blood clot history
  • If you are not taking any blood thinner or the Accutane
  • If you want to get rid of the varicose veins
  • Women can opt for treatment if they are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

How Our Experts Help You in Dealing with the Varicose Veins? 

Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged, and swollen veins that may appear dark purple and blue. These faulty veins can allow blood to flow in the wrong direction. Hence, it’s better to choose the Fort Lauderdale vein removal services to get rid of this.

Early diagnoses and treatments are great for treating varicose veins accurately. Therefore, our vein removal Fort Lauderdale services can help you better get relief from these varicose veins.


First, our team of professionals diagnoses the varicose veins by examining them physically, including the legs when you’re standing. Further, our doctors check for swelling, aching, and pain in the legs.

For better diagnoses, our Fort Lauderdale vein removal doctors may need to do an ultrasound test to ensure that these varicose veins are functional or damaged. Also, they make sure that whether you have a blood clot in the veins or not.

Some non-invasive tests may be done. There are small hand-held devices (transducer) that run against the skin’s affected surface to examine the vein condition. It transmits the image of the veins over the monitor so that your doctor can see them.

Treatments that we Offer to Treat these Varicose Veins 

Fortunately, we being the experienced Fort Lauderdale vein removal services provider, offer you advanced laser vein removal treatment. Thanks to this invasive procedure helps treat all the varicose veins without causing any discomfort to the patients.

Our vein removal Fort Lauderdale professionals offer various treatments based on your needs and comfort level. Let’s check out.

Endovenous Laser Therapy 

The Endovenous laser therapy procedure involves the passing of tiny laser fibers into the saphenous vein. The pulse of the laser light causes these varicose veins to seal shut and collapse. Further, it helps eliminate the venous reflux, which is the main cause of the varicose veins.


Sclerotherapy is setting new standards in the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. It is the best alternative to the surgical treatment that we offer to our clients. The procedure is done by our experts in vein removal in Fort Lauderdale. During this, a tiny dose of a unique solution is injected into the veins to collapse the veins.

However, the treatment may require one or more injections to treat the veins.


TriVex technology, or probably the transilluminated vein extraction, first employs the powerful light that helps to target the damaged veins, which is then removed accurately with a powered sector.

It is quite similar to liposuction; the treated areas are then flushed and cleaned with the tumescent infiltration process.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy 

Our Fort Lauderdale vein removal experts will remove the smaller varicose veins through a series of tiny punctures in the veins. Scarring in this process is minimal and leaves no ugly scars that make you self-conscious. Also, the part that needs to be treated is numbed in the patients to treat the varicose veins.

Surgical Ligation or Stripping 

If you have a more extensive problem of varicose veins, then we will offer this technique to treat you better from the legs. The procedure that we follow includes the use of local anesthesia. The small incisions will be made in the areas by our medical professionals.  The veins are then tied and removed or shut and even stripped out from the legs.

Why Choose Us for The Varicose Veins Services at Fort Lauderdale? 

We are vein removal Fort Lauderdale professionals who have been serving the best laser and other advanced treatments to remove varicose and spider veins. The reasons that assure to choose our services are:

Professional and Experienced Staff 

We have Fort Lauderdale vein removal experts who have been authorized by the medical professional for varicose vein removal. Above this, our experts help find the right treatment to treat your varicose veins at its best with minimal discomfort and fewer side effects.

Advanced Techniques 

We, being the vein removal Fort Lauderdale specialists, are equipped with advanced infrastructure and techniques to diagnose your problem at the earliest. Beyond this, we provide the latest laser treatment to remove the varicose veins without causing any scars and pain sensation over the treated area.

Services at Your Convenience 

To achieve the treatment, you don’t need to stick to our service schedule because we provide your convenience. Our experts remain active even after working hours to help you have appointments and treatment anytime.

What Self Care You Need to Pay Attention After the Treatment? 

Our Fort Lauderdale vein removal experts suggest that patients who have undergone laser treatment for varicose vein removal must not practice hard exercising immediately after the treatment.

Plus, avoid wearing tight clothes, elevating the leads, and possibly avoiding standing on your feet for a long time or sitting. This will help prevent the varicose veins from getting worse after the treatment and reduce the discomfort.

Wearing compression stockings all day is often helpful to avoid coming in contact with the sun’s direct heat. The compression stockings steadily squeeze the legs, which helps veins and muscles move the blood more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vein Removal

   1. Is this safe to treat spider veins with a laser? 

Yes, it’s safe to get rid of the varicose veins through laser treatment. It is often painless and causes minimal discomfort to the patients. Above this, it does not leave any scars after the treatment. However, some side effects may persist, like blood clotting and pain sensation, but that will go away within a few hours.

   2. Which vein removal procedure is right for me? 

The vein removal laser treatment would be excellent for anyone if you are healthy. However, there are other treatments also available that may be right for you. Depending upon your body and the area of the varicose veins, you can opt for different vein removal treatments like laser treatment, Sclerotherapy, TriVex, or Ambulatory phlebectomy.

But make sure that you don’t have any issues like blood clotting, any hereditary diseases, and other veins-related issues that may interrupt your treatment.

 3. Will I need further treatment after the laser sessions? 

If you are looking to get relief from the varicose veins symptoms, you don’t need to have further treatment. If you want to get rid of these varicose veins entirely, you may require additional treatment. Furthermore, you may require three to four sittings to minimize the varicose veins and achieve fine legs with no scars and swollen veins.

 4. Is the varicose vein removal treatment costly? 

The vein removal Fort Lauderdale services are affordable and fit in the budget entirely. However, the treatment cost depends upon the area to be treated and the number of sittings required to remove the varicose veins and the spider veins.

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