VenaSeal™ for Non-Surgical Varicose Vein Removal Treatment

Varicose veins affect millions around the world. The effect of varicose veins in each of these patients can vary from unsightly marks to debilitating pain that interferes with a person’s life. The worst part about varicose veins is that the options for treatment may be less than favorable.

VenaSeal™ is a cutting-edge treatment for varicose veins designed to treat minor to moderate cases. It can quickly and succinctly solve the problems associated with varicose veins, from the visual appearance to symptoms of pain and discomfort, with a high degree of success.

What is VenaSeal™?

Many methods of treating undesirable veins require the destruction of veins by blocking them or causing enough damage to the vein walls so that they become occluded. This allows the veins to become sealed, which in turn allows the body to absorb the veins while removing them.

The problem with these methods is that they rely upon causing damage. This can translate to pain and complications for the patient. Even with non-invasive traditional sclerotherapy, there is a minor risk of complications. The clot may dislodge, which may cause problems for the patient.

VenaSeal™ attempts to treat veins by fostering a clot to form. It does this with a glue-like substance that adheres to the walls of the vein. This allows for a more reliable and comfortable treatment of veins, meaning that VenaSeal™ can be a better alternative for patients.

How Does It Differ from Other Vein Treatments?

VenaSeal™ differs from traditional vein treatments in the way it quickly causes occlusion within the vein. Sclerotherapy takes a few moments (roughly 60 seconds) to adhere to the vein walls, which can make the area of occlusion less predictable.

VenaSeal™ adheres to the walls of the vein as soon as it comes in contact. This allows for an immediate and predictable blockage of the vessel, which produces reliable and safer results. Patients also experience less discomfort than they do with destructive procedures like endovenous laser ablation. Side effects like tenderness and swelling also tend to be absent.

With VenaSeal™, given the unique nature of adherence to the vein walls, this allows treatments to be performed in approximately 20 to 30-minute appointments. This is roughly the same duration as other non-invasive treatments require with the marked exception that the patient does not have to worry as much about dislodging their treatment. This can allow the patient to return to their regular activities in a sooner time frame than other treatments would allow.

Is VenaSeal™ Right for You?

VenaSeal™ offers a new way for patients to seek non-invasive treatment of veins. It can reliably block minor to moderate cases of varicose veins, allowing for them to be treated.

To determine the best treatment for your varicose veins, come in for a consultation at Fox Vein & Laser Experts, with locations in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines. We can evaluate your unique needs, which in turn will help us provide you with the best relief from your varicose veins. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.