What are Common Causes of Venous Insufficiency

Common Causes of Venous Insufficiency

Fox Vein & Laser Experts is known for being South Florida’s top destination for venous insufficiency treatment. This condition is fairly common, affecting about 1 in 50 adults who have varicose veins, and approximately 1 in 20 adults in general. Age and gender are big risk factors for developing venous insufficiency. It typically affects people over the age of 50, more so women than men, and the risk increases the older you get.

Risk for Venous Insufficiency

There are three types of veins in the legs that are at risk for venous insufficiency: deep veins that run through the muscle; superficial veins that are close to the surface of the skin; and perforating veins that act as the connector between the deep and superficial veins.

But what is venous insufficiency? Simply put, it’s a condition in which the veins in your legs are no longer functioning, which means that they do not let your blood flow toward your heart.  Varicose veins are one of the beginning stages for venous insufficiency. They are a red flag showing signs of the vein valves failure to allow blood to flow properly. This is why it is so important to see a Miami vein doctor as soon as your varicose veins start to develop.

When blood doesn’t have the ability to flow through the veins in the right direction (toward the heart), it begins to flow backward, and starts to pool in the veins, which causes them to become enlarged, swollen, and depending how close they are to the surface of the skin, show discoloration.

Although there are cases in which people who have varicose veins simply have cosmetic concerns and don’t necessarily feel too many of the physical repercussions, there are times when the pain and discomfort affects a person’s day-to-day life. Whether you have cosmetic concerns or physical concerns, varicose veins should not be ignored. Left untreated, there is the possibility that they become worse and turn into something damaging to your health.

Aside from the formation of varicose veins on the legs, additional signs to watch out for that may indicate a venous insufficiency include feelings of achiness, heaviness or fatigue, burning or tingling sensations, cramping, abnormal texture and color of the skin, ulcers, itching or flaking of the skin, and excess swelling.

Reasons to Develop Venous Insufficiency

There are many reasons as to why someone may develop venous insufficiency. Some of the main risk factors include obesity, pregnancy, genetics and family history, blood clotting disorders, or previous injuries or surgeries to the legs.

Additionally, you are more at risk if you do not exercise regularly, have a habit of smoking cigarettes, and engage in activities or a career that requires you to sit or stand for long periods at a time.

Another cause of venous insufficiency is a condition known as deep vein thrombosis, which occurs when a blood clot develops deep into a vein, usually in the calf or thigh, and the vein becomes damaged. Phlebitis is another common cause, which is when a vein that is close to the skin becomes inflamed and starts to swell.

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