What Causes Dark Spots on Your Legs and how treat them?

Black Spots on Legs

People of all skin tones can have dark skin spots on their legs, and that should not worry you. Not only can you have dark spots on your leg but also in some other parts of your skin. This article describes the causes of dark leg spots, Laser Dark Spot Removal, Dark Spot Removal Treatment, Dark Spot Treatment Miami.

Laser treatments miamiCauses of Dark Spots on Legs:

Sun Burn

Our skins produce melanin as a way of reacting to the sun. Some skin patches produce a lot of melanin, while others produce less. Too much sun causes dark skin spots, and it is one of the leading cause causes.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

This cause occurs when one has suffered from acne or has had some skin injuries. Such factors cause inflammation in the areas affected resulting in increased production of melanin. Once melanin has been produced, there forms a dark spot on your skin.


Patients who have insulin-dependent diabetes always have a problem with insulin production. If the body does not utilize insulin, it tends to accumulate in the bloodstream causing a dark spot to form on the skin.


This is a type of skin cancer that is characterized by dark spots on the legs of women and on the faces of men.

Addison’s Disease

This disease is not common but it causes hyperpigmentation on skin parts that are exposed to the sunlight and those parts that experience the most tension like the knees. It causes you to have darker knees.

How to Treat Black Spot on Leg Using Laser Treatments?

Laser treatment is the most effective way of treating the dark spots on your legs but it depends on the cause of the spots. Among the procedures used is using targeted beams of light to eliminate the layers of the skin. Another procedure is using targeted beams of light to tighten the skin by promoting collagen growth.

Laser treatmentsLaser Therapy can be done exclusively or you can combine them with other treatment options. The procedure ought to be conducted by a qualified and certified physician to ensure safety.

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