When to Consult a Vein Specialist in Miami, Florida?

When You Should Seek a Vein Specialist Consultation in Miami, FL

Veins play significant functions in the body of transporting blood from all the body organs back to the heart. Before you start experiencing circulatory dysfunction, you will rarely realize that you already have vein problems, and you need to see the Aventura vein doctor.

vein specialist in MiamiSigns and Symptoms That Should Raise Concern

Vein disorders, which include a varicose vein, can result in symptoms that would affect your typical daily activities. If you encounter any of the following signs, visit your health Veins expert Miami specialists for diagnosis and treatment.

  • A swollen vein that appears red and has a tender, warm touch
  • Bleeding veins
  • A sore of rash developing near a vein
  • swollen ankle or thick calfskin

These symptoms can as well be an indication of an existing health condition that, if diagnosed early can be treated and minimize the effect it could have resulted.

Untreated Vein Symptoms Can Cause Serious Medical Conditions

The following health problems are likely to occur in the case of untreated vein diseases.

  1. Blood clots

People already diagnosed with vein problems are more likely to have blood clots. Thrombosis is a condition that results after blood clots forming in the deeper vein, and the disease can be fatal if the clot travels to the lungs.

  1. Leg ulcers

This condition typically occurs in the ankle, and it’s as a result of long term clotting of the blood. Leg ulcers are excruciating. It is difficult for leg ulcers to heal without treatment. Therefore, the wound, together with the underlying vein diseases, should be treated equally. Treatment options include compression therapy and closure of abdominal veins.

  1. Bleeding veins

It occurs if the skin above the vein is thin, resulting from easing bleeding even with the slightest injury. Veins can also bleed when varicose veins rapture. If you experience episodes of a bleeding vein, you should visit health professionals for diagnostic evaluation. Ultrasound treatment is carried out that aims at closing the ruptured vein.

You shouldn’t suffer because of your damaged veins. Visit Veins expert Miami for personalized vein treatment. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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