Advantages of Wearing Compression Hose

Some people confuse regular socks with compression stockings and compression sleeves. Compression stockings are designed to improve the blood circulation in your body. They are not simply worn to make your shoes feel more comfortable on your feet or as a fashion accessory. There are some medical advantages to wearing compression hose.

Compression Stocking For Blood Circulatory Illnesses

Compression hose or socks have been designed to help individuals who would like to improve circulation in their legs and feet. Individuals who have diabetes or deal with circulatory illnesses will benefit from wearing these hose. They are often worn by athletes or other individuals who have to stand for long periods of time while they are at work.

When they first came on the market, Fort Lauderdale vein doctors would recommend that people wear compression hose and socks when a person was dealing with circulatory problems. However, it is becoming more and more clear that they are beneficial in other ways. For example, they have proven time and again that they can prevent blood clots for individuals who will be traveling for an extended period of time while flying in an airplane or riding in a car. The compression that is felt on the legs keeps the blood flowing instead of clotting.

Most compression hose and stockings are made from a strong type of elastic. The elastic is tighter at the ankles, which pushes the blood up through the legs. When a person is sitting or standing for a long period of time or when they have circulatory problems, the blood often pools at the ankles, which does not allow proper circulation and can sometimes cause blood clots.

There are a variety of remedies that a person can try when they have pain in their ankles and feet to reduce the risk of blood clots. For example, they can lie with their legs and feet elevated. However, this is not something that is practical for long periods of time. When the compression hose and socks are worn, they put pressure on the arteries, veins, and muscles in the ankles and legs to help push the blood through them.

Another advantage of wearing compression hose is that they can help to relieve the pain that a person experiences when they have varicose veins. They are not a cure for the problem, but they can help. They increase blood circulation, reduce the risk of blood clots and bring relief to tired and heavy legs.

Contact Our Doctor to Choose Right Compression Stockings

An individual should consult our medical professionals at Miami vein center to receive the right type of compression hose or stockings. This is not something that they just want to buy on their own. In addition to finding the right stocking for them, our doctor will be able to monitor their progress. If they find that the compression hose is not working as they should, the doctor will be able to come up with another plan of action.

Compression hose provides many advantages to those who wear them, especially by improving circulation in the body. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.