Foam Sclerotherapy Benefits

Varicose veins come in different shapes and sizes and pop up in different locations on the body, but they have one thing in common – no one wants them. Here at Fox Vein & Laser Experts, we specialize in vein removal, also called sclerotherapy, in Miami and throughout South Florida.

Foam sclerotherapySclerotherapy is a procedure used to treat blood vessels to make them shrink, stick together, clot, and eventually disappear. There are a variety of different treatments depending on the size of the veins and their location.

One treatment that we offer, which has been proven to be very effective for our patients, is called Foam Sclerotherapy.

All About Foam Sclerotherapy

First, let’s discuss what sclerotherapy is. During a traditional sclerotherapy procedure, we inject a solution into the vein that causes the lining to shrink, stick together, and eventually be absorbed by the body. It’s most effective with smaller veins. For larger veins, the same solution is used but it’s mixed with air to create foam that coats the big veins better. The result is then the same as the traditional treatment when the vein walls stick together and are eventually removed by the body and replaced with healthy tissue.

What are the benefits of Foam Sclerotherapy?

We can provide this treatment to our patients thanks to advances in technology. Previously, a time-consuming vein removal surgery was performed, which caused patients to also need more recovery time. Now, with this innovative foam sclerotherapy treatment, larger veins can be targeted and removed much easier, faster, and with little to no pain. On the medical side, this procedure is done with the use of ultrasound imaging which allows us to be much more targeted and precise when injecting the foam into the veins. It also allows us to use it more efficiently so that more foam goes exactly where it’s needed.

How many treatments will I need?

During your first consultation appointment at our office, one of our trained medical staff will review your medical history and create a treatment plan you are both comfortable with. Certain clotting disorders may require additional examination before moving forward with foam sclerotherapy, for example. However, both men and women can be great candidates for this treatment. The number of vein treatments will also need to be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs and your desired results.

foam sclerotherapyDr. Susan Fox is board-certified in vein and vascular Doctor of medicine, and she’s ready to help you achieve those flawless beautiful legs you have been dreaming of. Let her determine if you are a good candidate for foam sclerotherapy, which will help you reverse the hands of time are here to treat all types of varicose veins concerns most effectively and professionally which is also the least time-consuming for all of our patients. Contact us at 954.627.1045 to provide you with the best vein removal options in Miami and South Florida.