Benefits of Foam Sclerotherapy

Venous disease can affect more than just the insides of your body. It can create long-term changes that present themselves on your face, arms, legs and other areas of your body. The problem with treating conditions such as spider veins and varicose veins revolves around the nature of these problems. The enlarged veins must be removed to reliably treat these problems using modern techniques.

Foam sclerotherapy exists as one of the best options for certain situations. It can reliably block the flow of blood to an area, which in turn can allow a vein to become occluded before being absorbed by the body.

Heightened Reliability

The first and foremost benefit of foam sclerotherapy resides with the sclerant. It utilizes a consistency that is similar to shaving cream, which is markedly different form the liquid sclerant used with traditional forms of sclerotherapy.

The pressure blood places upon the foam sclerant allows it to maintain a greater degree of contact with the nearby vessel walls. This additional contact creates a more reliable solution for conditions like varicose veins and spider veins.

With the heightened reliability of foam sclerotherapy, clots tend to remain in a more consistent manner. This increases the chances of success, and minimizes complications that may arise in the future.

Compatible with Imaging

Another unique benefit of foam sclerotherapy is the physical makeup of the foam sclerant. The difference in density when compared to blood allows for the sclerant to be detected using different types of imaging.

This can help our Aventura vein doctor better evaluate how effective the sclerant is in facilitating a clot. Ultrasonic imaging can help determine how effective the sclerant is. This can expedite the process of treating your veins if additional treatments are needed.

Lack of Discomfort

The largest advantage of foam sclerotherapy for some patients is the lack of discomfort that this treatment offers. It can effectively help a clot form within the vein, which can bring a quick halt to the visible manifestations of venous disease.

Treat Your Venous Problems

While foam sclerotherapy has a number of marked advantages over other types of treatments for venous disease, it is not suitable for treating every incidence of disease. It should only be used in veins with minor to moderate enlargement.

When used in the right situation, foam sclerotherapy can provide a suitable solution that frees you from the problems that venous disease can cause.

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