ClariVein® for Quick and Effective Vein Removal

If you are troubled by varicose veins, you know how frustrating they can be. They mar the appearance of your skin, making your veins stand out in such an obvious way that they can’t be ignored. You are likely to cover up all of the time for fear that others will notice your bulging, twisting veins. Your varicose veins can be painful as well, making your legs throb all of the time. While walking and compression stockings are supposed to help, you may only get relief when you put your legs up for a while. This only makes your problem worse in the end because it does not help your circulation. ClariVein® can help you to deal with your varicose veins so that you can find relief.

Understanding ClariVein®

ClariVein® is an effective method for removing varicose veins. It involves the use of a type of thin catheter that is inserted into your varicose vein through a tiny incision. Its tip is a rotating wire that makes it possible to deliver a thorough dosage of medication to your problem vein. The medication is designed to irritate the vein, causing it to clot and eventually fade away as blood travels to other surrounding veins.

Why Choose ClariVein®?

This treatment offers you a form of vein removal that is quick and effective. You will have a shorter recovery time, less discomfort and be able to get back to what you want to do as soon as possible. With the use of compression stockings and daily walks to improve your circulation, you can make those varicose veins disappear sooner.

Continue to be active by doing things like hiking, biking, walking, and swimming to keep your legs strong. Keep your weight down and watch what you eat, eliminating too much salt in your diet. Once your veins are gone, you won’t have to live in pain anymore. You’ll also be able to wear whatever you want at any time. Your days of hiding your legs will be over.

Ask Our Doctor About ClariVein®

It’s time to take control of your varicose veins. You shouldn’t have to deal with pain or be self-conscious about how your legs look. Make an appointment with our vein doctor Aventura at Fox Vein Experts to discuss ClariVein®. This simple procedure can help you to make your varicose veins a thing of the past. We have offices in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.