Do You Need Anesthesia for Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

If you are suffering from unsightly, uncomfortable varicose veins, we bet that you are most likely looking for the most effective treatment option that gives you the fastest results, right? Of course, you are. No one wants to deal with the symptoms that come along with varicose veins, i.e., cramping and aching feelings, swelling, and heaviness, and bulging, the discolored appearance of lines going up and down the leg(s). Finding a way to get rid of these varicose veins in a quick, easy, and successful manner is probably your top priority — and guess what? It’s our top priority at Fox Vein & Laser Experts too.

Ambulatory phlebectomyLet us introduce you to one of the top varicose vein removal options: ambulatory phlebectomy. This procedure can be performed right in our office by top Miami vein expert, Dr. Susan Fox. The treatment is meant for the removal of medium to large-sized varicose veins that other varicose vein removal options, such as visual sclerotherapy or other laser treatments, have not been able to treat successfully.

Here’s how it works. Dr. Fox will make a very small incision in the skin at the site of the varicose veins. The veins are then removed through these holes. The entire process from start to finish takes less than an hour to perform. Unlike vein stripping procedures that have been used in the past,  ambulatory phlebectomy does not require major surgery, and there is minimal to no scarring left from the incisions made. This also means there is no downtime needed for healing following the procedure.

This is thanks to many of the advancements in medical technology over the years. At Fox Vein & Laser Experts, we strive to provide the most innovative treatments for our patients, giving them the option to forgo extensive surgeries and instead experience minimally invasive procedures that give them the results they are looking for in the most efficient and effective way.

While there are many different types of alternative treatments for varicose vein removal, ambulatory phlebectomy is often preferred because of how quickly after the procedure a patient will see results. Results from varicose vein treatment options like sclerotherapy or endovenous laser ablation take much longer to show. Sometimes these treatments require multiple sessions too. Ambulatory phlebectomy provides immediate relief and there is absolutely no downtime.

No major surgery. No scars. No downtime. The only thing that you will need to do is wear a compression stocking or bandage for a short period of time, and maintain a daily walking regimen to promote good circulation. Our medical team will provide you with all of the necessary information and instructions needed for your at-home care following the procedure. You will be able to return to your everyday routine and daily activities without missing a beat!

Do You Need Anesthesia for Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

Since ambulatory phlebectomy causes a need for your Fort Lauderdale vein doctor to make an incision into the body, you might be wondering if it hurts or if you need anesthesia before the treatment is performed. There is no need for general anesthesia for an ambulatory phlebectomy; however, local anesthesia is typically used to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible while Dr. Fox is performing the procedure.

Not sure what the difference is between these two types of anesthesia? General anesthesia is when you are completely unconscious during a procedure and unaware of anything that is going on to your body during the time you are “put under.” This is used for more in-depth, serious surgeries. Since ambulatory phlebectomy is a very minimally invasive treatment for varicose vein removal, general anesthesia is not necessary.

Local anesthesia means that only a specific part of the body is numbed during a procedure. You remain conscious and are fully aware of your surroundings and everything going on throughout the treatment. This type of anesthesia is used for minor surgeries and less invasive treatments like ambulatory phlebectomy.

According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, there are some surgeries that are completely safe to perform on a patient while they are awake. Ambulatory phlebectomy is one of these procedures. It’s also used for some biopsies, broken bone repairs, and stitching deep cuts. By injecting a local anesthetic into a small area of the body, where the surgery will be performed, patients are able to remain awake and alert during the procedure and not experience any pain. There may be a little bit of pressure during the procedure, and you may feel a little soreness following it, but there is very little risk for any other side effects from using local anesthetics.

This type of anesthesia allows doctors like Dr. Fox to perform procedures more quickly because there is no need for all of the preparations required when administering general anesthesia.

Who are The Right Candidates for Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

Now that you know what ambulatory phlebectomy is all about and where to go in Miami to have the procedure done, it’s time to figure out whether or not this is the best treatment option for you to finally get rid of those unwanted varicose veins on your legs.

First and foremost, ambulatory pambulatory phlebectomyhlebectomy is a procedure used for varicose veins that are either medium or large. If your veins are smaller or consider ‘spider veins,’ this is not the treatment for you. The best candidates for this treatment are people who are in generally good health, who have medium to large-sized varicose veins that are clearly visible on the legs.

If you suffer from any type of blood clotting disorder or have poor circulation, lymphedema, skin infections, arteriovenous fistulas, or are pregnant, you do not qualify for an ambulatory phlebectomy procedure.

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