Five Positive Effects of Laser Treatments for Vein Removal

How do I get ready for laser vein treatment?

When you’re ready to undergo laser treatments for vein removal, it’s likely that you’ve already done your research. You’ve probably looked up the best vein removal treatment centers in South Florida and asked the basics like, “Are laser vein removal treatments effective”? And, “will they hurt?”

vein removal treatmentBut there is so much more to know about undergoing laser vein removal treatments. There are positive effects that far outweigh anything else, and at Fox Vein & Laser Experts in Hollywood, we’re all about good outcomes. We offer the latest and most advanced vein removal therapies on the vascular market, including endovenous laser ablation (EVLA/EVLT)  to help treat large varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency.

“For years now, I’ve come across hundreds of patients who would visit our office feeling apprehensive about their laser vein removal treatments,” Dr. Susan Fox, owner, and founder of Fox Vein & Laser Experts says. “They don’t realize that by treating their veins this way, they are opening up their world to a range of benefits and overall improved health.”

So, what are these magical positive effects we speak of? Take a look!

Here are our top five positive effects of laser vein removal treatments at Fox Vein & Laser Experts:

A+ Efficacy

First and foremost, you’re going to want to wrap your head around the efficacy of treatment before even considering to undergo it. When it comes to effective laser vein removal treatments, you’ve come to the right place. Our EVLA/EVLT treatments are one of the most effective treatments for large varicose veins with a success rate of 98 -100 percent, which makes it the preferred choice for doctors across the country.

A Minimally Invasive Option

Losing those large, ropey varicose veins that have been bothering you for years may seem like quite a laborious task, but our EVLA/EVLT treatments are so much simpler than you might imagine. Endovenous laser ablation involves inserting a very thin laser fiber through the affected vein via a tiny incision that typically leaves no scar and requires no sutures. Small pulses of laser energy are delivered as the fiber is pulled through the vein, gently heating it and causing it to collapse and seal shut. During the treatment process, the blood from these veins is redirected and the veins become shrunken scars that fade over time.

No Downtime

The minute you think about having any kind of treatment done to your legs, you are likely to start worrying that your day-to-day lifestyle will be affected, right? That’s a normal thought. But thankfully, this minimally invasive procedure means that you’ll be back on your feet as soon as the treatment is completed. A light regimen of daily walking may be recommended in order to promote good circulation in the legs as the body works to remove the veins and to prevent clotting.

An In-and-Out Procedure… 

Literally! One of the most beautiful parts of our laser vein removal treatments is that they are fast. Patients have visited us in the morning on their way to work, during their lunch break, or even on their way home from a busy day. A typical EVLA/EVLT procedure will take no more than 30 minutes and you can go back to doing whatever it is that makes you happy as soon as you leave the office.

Laser vein treatmentCustomizable Treatments

Your veins are your own, meaning your laser vein removal treatment should be, too. After a thorough consultation, we will assess the right course of treatment specifically for your venous insufficiency. The size of your veins, the complications associated with them, and your overall health are factors that will help us determine the type of wavelength to use, and the duration in which to apply it.

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