How Much Laser Treatments Does It Take To Remove A Tattoo?

Laser Treatments Does It Take To Remove A Tattoo

Tattoos can have a lot of meaning behind them, both good and bad — and some have no meaning at all. In the event that you have permanently inked yourself with an image, design, or phrase that no longer has any positive meaning to you, or maybe it never did, you may want to consider getting laser treatment for tattoo removal.  

Yes, it is possible to get rid of those unwanted tats on your body! Tattoo removal makes it possible for anyone who regrets getting a tattoo in their past, to once and for all be rid of any of those remorseful feelings. There are other methods of tattoo removal, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and surgical excision, but according to, laser tattoo removal is the most commonly used procedure, as the others are much more invasive.

So how does tattoo removal with laser treatment work?

laser tattoo removal

The first thing to understand is exactly what a tattoo actually is. Tattoos are made up of ink particles that have been etched into the skin. Depending on the size and color or shading of the tattoo, there could be thousands upon thousands of these particles. The reason why these ink particles are permanent is due to the fact that they are too big for the immune system to remove on their own — which is the case for other, small particles that enter the skin, such as a pen or paint or other non-permanent stains. 

Removing a tattoo for good requires intense laser energy

Removing a tattoo for good requires intense laser energy that breaks up the particles into fragments that are small enough for the human body to get rid of it. Although it sounds pretty straightforward, tattoo laser treatment is not a “one and done” type of procedure. To completely remove the visibility of the unwanted tattoo, multiple laser treatment sessions will be needed. That first treatment will not be enough to shatter the ink particles in their entirety. Multiple laser sessions are needed in order to break down the particles a little bit more each time until eventually, they have become so small that the immune system is finally able to clear them out.

Amount of Laser Treatments for Tattoo Removal

The amount of laser treatments for tattoo removal needed varies from person to person, from tattoo to tattoo. The size, shading, color, design, and where it is on the body all play a role in figuring out how many sessions will be needed in order to make the tattoo disappear completely from the naked eye. Typically, the range is anywhere from 2 to 10 sessions, but again…everyone’s situation is different. Some ink colors are harder to get rid of than others, and some are almost impossible to remove one hundred percent.

Sessions should be scheduled with at least six weeks in between, as this gives the skin a chance to heal, and allows the body the time it needs to absorb the shattered ink particles. 

Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment is Done Using the Advanced Technology

At Fox Vein & Laser Experts, tattoo removal laser treatment is done using the advanced technology of the PicoWay Laser, which has the ability to remove tattoos with a wide variety of pigments, on patients of all skin types. It’s safe, shows faster results, and is more effective and less painful than other devices on the market. Traditional lasers for tattoo removal use the laser energy in one consistent beam. This method can sometimes leave small pieces of pigmentation on the skin — and that constant heat of the laser touching the skin can become incredibly painful and uncomfortable for the patient. The PicoWay Laser differs in that it releases that same high energy level in short bursts, rather than one long burst. Because the strong bursts are short, the laser can focus on the pigmentation much more efficiently and the laser isn’t making consistent contact with the skin the entire time of the treatment. You will still feel something, but it may just be more uncomfortable than painful.

Various numbing options available such as creams and cryogenic devicesFace Tattoo Removal Miami | Fox Vein & Laser Experts

For patients who do not wish to feel anything at all during their laser tattoo removal treatment, there are various numbing options available such as creams and cryogenic devices that use cold air to numb the skin. Going the cold air route is best, as this not only lessens any pain or discomfort but also helps to reduce swelling and possible irritation once the session is through.

Regardless of how many laser treatments it takes to remove your tattoo, after each session you will have an open wound that needs tending to. You’ll be instructed to clean the wound with soap and water every day, apply an antibiotic cream or ointment, and then cover it with a dressing until it fully heals. This post-treatment healing process usually takes about five days.

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