How To Prevent New Spider Veins After Vein Removal Treatment

After Care Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins may not be serious health or medical issue, but they are cosmetically unattractive. People are misinformed about creams and ointments that claim to get rid of these tiny little purple, red, or blue discolorations in the skin. These products do not effectively treat spider veins. Spider vein sclerotherapy is the treatment used to get rid of spider veins, and once treated, the veins are gone forever. This does not mean that more spider veins will not occur. They can come in areas close to where the others were. The aftercare for spider vein treatment is important to prevent the possibility of getting new ones.

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After visiting the vein expert Miami, it is essential to start a regimen of aftercare that will help prevent the occurrence of other spider veins. An important thing to remember is to use sunscreen when outside. Sun damage can cause a depletion of collagen in the body quicker than normal. A loss of collagen could mean that there is less padding between the skin and the spider veins. This will leave the veins more visible. Wearing sunscreen is always a smart thing to do when being exposed to the UV rays of the sun.

Losing excess weight is a good preventive measure against new spider veins appearing. Extra weight puts more pressure on the lower extremities of the body. The extra weight will lead to damage and swelling of the veins. The result of this is more visibility of the spider veins. So, relieve the pressure on the legs by getting the weight down to a more normal range. Something else that puts pressure on the legs is standing for long periods of time. The veins in the legs will become damaged from this pressure, and again, the veins will swell and enlarge. After vein removal, the veins around that area are susceptible to becoming spider veins or varicose veins.

Moderate exercise is always good for spider vein aftercare. It keeps the blood flowing properly, and can prevent the recurrence of spider veins. If you have a job that requires a lot of standing, try to move around as much as possible, and take walks while on breaks. The exercise and walking do not need to reach the level of exhaustion, just enough to give the legs some activity. After sclerotherapy for spider vein removal, the Fort Lauderdale vein doctor will give the individual specific instruction on how to avoid more spider veins, and these instructions should be followed explicitly.

spider veinsSpider veins can occur in more places than the legs. They can appear on the ankles and in the face. Defined care should be taken after the veins are removed from any of these locations on the body. Facts about spider veins and the removal proceedings are not as widely expressed as other health issues. People who have them make themselves content with it due to a lack of knowledge. They are treatable and removable.

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