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Tattoos can be a fun, creative way for people to express themselves. We know that sometimes people end up regretting these permanent works of art — that’s why we’re proud to offer our clients access to the gold standard of laser tattoo removal Miami technology — the PicoWay® laser.

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The PicoWay® laser is one of the latest and greatest technological achievements in tattoo removal technology

Older Miami laser tattoo removal treatment tend to cause patients extreme discomfort, are often risky for individuals with darker skin tones, and commonly cannot get rid of colorful or dark tattoos entirely. The PicoWay® laser is different. Miami tattoo removal can remove tattoos of with a wide variety of pigments and on patients of all skin types, faster, more effectively, and with less pain than traditional laser tattoo removal Miami, FL methods.

What is PicoWay® Tattoo Removal?

PicoWay® Tattoo Removal

At their core, tattoos are essentially just several different pigments of color injected deep into the skin. Traditional laser tattoo removal treatments in Miami utilize laser energy delivered in a consistent beam to break up this pigmentation, allowing it to be eliminated by the body. While this method has proven to be somewhat effective in removing tattoos, small bits of pigmentation are often left behind and the pain of treatment is difficult for patients to tolerate.

PicoWay Laser

Dr. Susan Fox and her expert staff have one of the best lasers on the market for tattoo removal – the PicoWay laser. It is very effective because it releases a high amount of energy in short bursts that shatters ink particles into tiny pieces that your skin can then absorb. It is even successful in targeting the toughest ink colors like blue and green, and can also help all different skin types and colors. Due to the short but strong bursts, the laser allows us to really focus on the pigment and that means fewer treatments for our patients with much faster results.

Numbing Options

A laser on your skin may seem painful but in reality, it’s more uncomfortable than anything else. However, for those who don’t want to feel anything, there have been advances in numbing options such as creams or cryogenic devices that numb the skin with cold air before the laser treatment is performed. By using cold air to numb the area that will be treated, this option not only improves your comfort but also reduces swelling and minimizes irritation of the skin.

The Future

We live in a world ruled by technology so it makes sense that lasers and tattoo removal options continue to evolve from year to year. There are even products now being tested where lasers won’t be necessary. One product is a drug that can manipulate individual atoms and when applied to the skin will bring the tattoo to the surface so it can just be wiped away.

Tattoo Removal Service in Miami, Advances That Can Help You

Whether it’s a poor teenage decision or a now broken heart, there are many reasons people choose to remove their tattoos. A tattoo was once a permanent part of you when it was inked into your skin, but with a few recent advances in technology, your tattoo can go from a permanent part of your future to a disappearing part of your past.

At Fox Vein & Laser Experts, we offer the best tattoo removal in Miami and the best laser treatments in South Florida. In the past, tattoo removal consisted of different, and in many cases, painful ways to remove the top layer of skin. Procedures like dermabrasion, acid treatments, and skin grafting provided results but also took a lot of painful time.

Now, as lasers continue to be perfected to treat a variety of skin issues, tattoo removal has become a little less painful and a lot easier. Here’s how we’re removing tattoos in Miami at Fox Vein & Laser Experts.

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Pigmentation After Picoway Treatment

How does it work?

Instead of delivering laser energy is a concentrated beam at the site of tattoos, our Miami laser tattoo removal process delivers intense laser energy in ultra-short bursts. Each of these bursts can be measured in picoseconds, or one trillionth of a second. These bursts have a photo-acoustic effect on the tattoo pigments, breaking pigmentation up completely and allowing it to be absorbed by the body more quickly. These quick, short bursts of energy allow doctors to hone in on small areas of pigmentation without forcing the patient to endure painful, prolonged exposure to laser energy.

Before & After Results

Tattoo Removal Miami
Miami Tattoo Removal
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Am I a Candidate for PicoWay® Tattoo Removal In Miami?

Nearly anyone interested in PicoWay Laser that is comfortable, quick and effective is a potential candidate for a PicoWay® tattoo removal treatment. The PicoWay® laser can be used on all skin types, and can remove tattoos of all different colors, shapes, and sizes.
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Miami Laser Tattoo Removal For Darker Skin

Tattoos have become commonly accepted in our society as a part of fashion. That being said, many people quickly regret getting a tattoo permanently drawn on their body. One option is to go back to the tattoo artist and see if they can cover it up. However, advances in technology have made Miami Tattoo Removal a viable option for many people.

Individuals with darker skin may wonder if tattoo removal Miami will work for them. They have heard that removing tattoos from dark skin is difficult and can leave some visible scars. And while this may be true with traditional lasers, Miami PicoWay® laser treatment is changing the game when it comes to removing tattoos from darker skin.

Potential Risks of Traditional Laser Tattoo Removal for Darker Skin

There are certain risks that traditional laser tattoo removal offers for everyone. They include scabbing, blistering, swelling, and itching. However, there are some risks that are more likely to occur in individuals with darker skin. These risks include:

  • Hyperpigmentation: With traditional tattoo laser removal, the pulses of light waves that are used to break up the ink can have an effect on the pigmentation of the skin. It can result in hyperpigmentation, which is the creation of patches of dark skin. In some instances, the hyperpigmentation will dissipate over the course of a few months or years.
  • Hypopigmentation: This is where the natural pigmentation of the skin is actually removed, and light patches of skin become visible where the tattoo was. The contrast between the light skin and a person’s naturally healthy dark skin can be quite jarring.
  • Keloid Scars: Although keloid scars are relatively rare, they happen when a thickened overgrowth of scar tissue develops around the wound caused by the laser. They are sometimes permanent.

With the above-mentioned risks, it is understandable why individuals with darker skin may be reluctant to use traditional laser tattoo removal procedures. Fortunately, PicoWay® all but eliminates the above-mentioned risk factors.

What Makes PicoWay® Better for Individuals with Darker Skin?

PicoWay® uses innovative laser technology that delivers pulses of laser energy that only come in contact with your skin for one picosecond. Since the laser comes into contact with your skin for only a short period of time, it will not heat up your skin like other lasers do. The laser’s energy is targeted and delivered directly to the tattoo. As a result, many of the risks of traditional methods all but disappear for individuals with darker skin.

Another added benefit of PicoWay® laser tattoo removal is that it is comfortable. You do not have the same discomfort that is traditionally associated with laser tattoo removal. The results are also faster, and you need less visits to our office to have the same type of results.

Saying Goodbye to Your Tattoo

PicoWay® has revolutionized the way that people with darker skin tones have tattoos removed. They do not need to worry about their beautiful skin being marred or damaged. Instead, they can have their tattoos removed with confidence, knowing that once the procedure is done, the only thing that’s going to be missing is the unwanted tattoo. Thanks to this innovative laser, the treatment can benefit patients of all skin tones.

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