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Eliminate your Stubborn Scars with Scar Removal Surgery in Miami

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Eliminate unwanted pigment and revitalize the tone and appearance of your skin in Miami

Nearly everyone has at least some scars. While these skin features are nearly universal, visible scars can be a significant source of embarrassment for some of the individuals that have them. If you’re looking for a way to improve the appearance of your scars or eliminate them altogether, you might want to consider undergoing a scar removal treatment in vein center in Miami with the PicoWay® laser.  

PicoWay Scar Removal vs. PicoSure Scar Removal: Which is Better?

Picoway is newer and better. It can be used with 1064 on all skin types. It is faster, less painful, and better than picosure. It uses pico technology which zaps the ink in the tattoo at an extremely rapid pulse. This is much better than Q switch technology and is better than picosure. Pico way uses photoacoustics as well to shatter the ink particles.  There is less burning and scarring with Picoway as compared to Picosure

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What is the PicoWay® Laser Scar Removal Treatment?

Scars form when an injury or surgical procedure damages the dermis or one of the deepest, thickest layers of the skin. This deep injury causes scar tissue to form over the wound that is different in texture and sometimes color than the surrounding skin. While these scars don’t pose any harm to the people that develop them, they can cause the people that have them to feel self-conscious about their appearances. With the PicoWay® laser, patients can now improve the appearance of small red scars and surgical scars with a quick, easy, and effective scar laser removal procedure. Sun Spot Removal Miami.

How does PicoWay® Laser Scar Removal Miami Treatment Work?

During a scar removal treatment in Miami, the PicoWay® laser delivers short beams of concentrated light at the area of scarring. Each of these beams is aimed at the treatment area for a matter of picoseconds; each picosecond is equal to one trillionth of a regular second. While the duration of exposure to these beams of energy is short, the beams themselves are powerful enough to break the underlying structures in the skin that cause scarring using both heat and photoacoustic effects. This spurs the creation of newer, healthier cells that better help the scar blend in with the rest of the skin’s color and in most cases, fade completely.

What can I Expect from PicoWay® Laser Scar Removal Miami Treatment?

Because PicoWay® treatments use short, intense bursts of light, treatment times are significantly shorter than those associated with other laser-based scar removal procedures. For this same reason, patients typically experience little to no downtime following a treatment session.

Fox Vein & Laser Experts  is proud to provide patients in the Hollywood, Miami,  Fort Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines areas of Florida with a broad range of high-quality scar removal treatments. Our practice is led by Dr. Susan Fox in Miami, one of the top vein specialists in the state of Florida today with over 20 years of experience in the field. If you’d like more information about our practice or would like to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Fox, contact us today!

FAQs on Scar Removal Treatment

What is scar removal treatment?

A scar removal treatment is a procedure that minimizes the appearance of a scar on the skin by eliminating unwanted pigment and allowing it to blend in the surrounding skin. Scar removal treatments can also address skin texture issues and hyperpigmentation.

What is a keloid scar?

Keloid scars are thicker and more pronounced than regular scars. They are not harmful, but can become uncomfortable or a cosmetic concern, especially because they can be recurring or last for a long period of time. Some people are more prone to developing keloid scars than others based upon their genetics. Major risk factors include having brown or black skin, being over the age of 30, or having a family history of keloids. Symptoms of keloid scars include irregular scarring on the shoulders, chest, cheeks or earlobes; raised areas of skin that are shiny and have no hair growth; excess itchiness around the affected area; discomfort; and discoloration of the skin. Some keloid scars feel soft to the touch, while others are hard and firm.

Can a keloid scar be removed?

Surgical scar removal Miami is an option for removing keloid scars, but that is usually a last resort and is not always as successful unless done in combination with another method of scar removal, such as laser treatment or cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is the process of using liquid nitrogen to freeze the scar and remove it from the skin. Sometimes more than one treatment is needed, and this method can sometimes cause pain due to the freezing nature of the treatment, as well as blistering or hyperpigmentation.

Can we remove the scar permanently?

Scar removal treatment Miami will result in significant improvements to the skin as the keloids fade after treatment. Sometimes multiple treatments are needed to reach the desired results. Every patient is different, and results will vary.

Can scars be removed by laser treatment?

Scar Removal Surgery in Miami is a safe and effective minimally invasive treatment for scar removal that not only helps reduce the appearance of scars, but also revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin. Laser treatment helps fade the scar so the affected area blends in with the rest of the skin. The process involves a beam of concentrated light energy being directed at the scar which breaks through the scar tissue and creates new, healthy skin cells.

How long does a laser take to remove scars?

You may start to see small changes in the skin after your first treatment, but most of the time, a series of at least three to five treatments is needed for significant results. Treatments for laser scar removal Miami should be scheduled a couple weeks apart, so your skin has time to heal. The whole process may take several months before reaching optimal scar removal or reduction.

Which laser is best for scar removal?

At Fox Vein & Laser Experts, our preferred laser for scar removal is the PicoWay laser. This new laser technology is strong and safe enough to work on all skin types. The laser energy is emitted in such short bursts that the patient experience is much more comfortable than other laser devices, with less burning and scarring side effects. The PicoWay laser is successful at removing small scars, surgical scars, acne scars, and it helps resurface the skin making it appear more even textured and toned. PicoWay laser treatments are quick and require no downtime, so patients do not have to worry about putting their lives on hold.

Do scars create scar tissue under the skin?

Scars develop after there has been damage to the skin that affects the dermis layer of the skin. Scar tissue grows over the wounded area of skin, not under the skin. Typically this scar tissue is a different texture than the surrounding skin, often hard and rough, and it can be a different color as well. Scar removal Miami can help to improve the appearance of the affected area by resurfacing the skin, reduce discoloration, and make the scar much less noticeable.

Are scars dangerous to the body?

Scars do not typically cause any kind of harm to the body. Most of the time, they are more of a cosmetic concern than something dangerous. Sometimes scars do have uncomfortable side effects, such as itchiness, pain or limited range of movement if they are located on a joint.

If I remove a scar, will there be another scar?

In the case of keloid scars, they can sometimes come back. If you are prone to developing keloids, it’s important to avoid injury as much as possible. In the case that you are injured, make sure to keep the wound clean, covered and hydrated with moisturizers that contain vitamin E. Following a scar removal treatment, make sure you follow along with your doctor’s recovery protocol to ensure a complete healing process.

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