Fast and Simple – Scar and Spot Removal

The effects that aging and life, in general, have on your skin are very slow. Most people do not even notice the changes that are taking place on their skin from one day to the next. It is not until after a few years have passed and you look at your image in the mirror and compare it with what you looked like in a photograph of yourself from some years ago that you clearly see the changes that aging has had on your skin.

For most people, aging includes the development of brown spots on the skin. Injuries can also occur throughout one’s life, leading to visible scarring. This scarring can become even more apparent with age as your body loses its ability to produce new, healthy tissue.

Both fast scar removal and spots on the skin can negatively affect the way you feel about yourself and the way that other people treat you. If you have these types of skin issues, you don’t need a facelift, and you don’t need an invasive cosmetic procedure. What you do need is something that will simply allow you to revitalize your appearance. This is where the PicoWay® laser comes into the picture.

What is PicoWay®?

PicoWay® is a breakthrough laser treatment that is safe and effective for all skin types. It uses the latest in technology to eliminate unwanted pigment as well as revitalize the tone and appearance of your skin.

During the procedure, a special laser is used to deliver targeted laser energy to the parts of your skin that need treatment. The laser’s energy is delivered in picosecond bursts. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second. When the energy is delivered, it can disrupt pigmentation molecules and make it easier for your body to absorb the hyperpigmentation that is associated with scars and spots.

The targeted disruption that occurs in certain areas of your skin will encourage collagen growth, which makes your skin tighter and healthier. Since the energy is delivered and targeted first, you are able to get amazing results without harming the surrounding skin. You are left with little to no downtime after your treatment. You should be able to get right back to doing the things you love, and your skin will be on its way to looking healthier and brighter.

PicoWay® is Safe and Comfortable

This is a completely safe and comfortable technology. One of the reasons why using traditional lasers is uncomfortable is because the laser is directed at your skin for an extended period of time. Heat builds up, and your skin literally burns. This is not the case with PicoWay®.

With this treatment, energy is delivered in bursts of picoseconds. This direct, pinpointed energy is powerful, and it offers faster results. You’re not going to be waiting years to see the benefits of these laser treatments.

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The entire aging process is slow and insidious. It creeps up on you, making itself known along the way through various scars and spots on the skin. With PicoWay® treatments at vein center Miami, you have a fast and simple way to remove these unwanted blemishes. We have offices in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for scar treatment Pembroke Pines, scar reduction Pembroke Pines, Miami scar removal, and Miami spot removal.

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