Promote Blood Flow in the Legs with Compression Hose

Poor circulation of the blood in the legs affects millions of people in the United States. The health conditions that might cause poor circulation can include but are not limited to, varicose veins. This condition can restrict the movements of its sufferers by causing the legs to swell and feel heavy and achy. The use of a compression hose can alleviate this condition.

How Do Compression Socks Work?

There are two basic problems that compression hose help alleviate. The first is the accumulation of fluid in the legs. The second is the over expansion of the veins in the leg with blood.

Compression hose fit tightly around your healthy leg. They are the tightest around the ankle area and gradually begin to decrease in tightness as they move up the leg to the thigh area. The squeezing effect of the compression hose is at its zenith once the wearer begins moving around. They put pressure on the tissues directly underneath the skin and force the excess fluid in the veins back into the capillaries, which relieves the swelling.

Regarding the overfilling of blood in the veins, they work in much the same way in tandem. The pressure that is applied to the veins with compression hose hinders the veins in the leg from taking in too much blood and over-expanding. This, in turn, sends the blood to other areas of the body by default.

This action can greatly reduce the pain and discomfort that comes from both swelling and poor circulation. It’s the blood that absorbs all the important nutrients from the food we eat. If circulation is poor, these nutrients cannot reach areas of the body that need them most.

There are many people who understand the benefits of proper blood circulation and might not have conditions like leg swelling, pain, and discomfort who wear compression hose for the simple reason of increasing the flow of blood to other areas of the body. Often times, these are people in their later years of life. The efficient circulation of blood generally begins to wane as we grow older, especially if there is a lack of sufficient exercise.

Learn More About Compression Hose

Compression hose come in varying degrees of tightness and pressure levels to accommodate a variety of health conditions. They are also made in different widths and lengths. During a consultation at Miami vein center, you can learn more about compression hose and how they can help you. We have offices in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!