5 Tips to Take Care of My Skin After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Important Tips to Take Care of Your Skin After Laser  Hair Removal

There are a number of people who use laser hair removal in order to eliminate unwanted hair. Those who use laser hair removal are able to get rid of hair on their chest and groin area in most cases. Laser hair removal Miami provides individuals with an opportunity to improve their appearance with its available procedures.

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

exfoliating after laser hair removalAfter getting laser hair removal treatment, it is important to follow some important steps in order to preserve the condition of your skin. With five steps, you will be able to avoid discomfort and problems with laser treatment and skin rejuvenation for your skin.


After getting laser hair removal, the first step in protecting your skin is to avoid exposure to the sun. it is important to make sure that your skin does not get too much sunlight because your skin will get irritated. You can also experience severe burns as well. It will also be important to avoid sunbathing for two weeks and also use sunscreen whenever you are going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time.


Another way to protect your skin after getting laser hair removal Miami is to avoid other hair removal methods. You will want to avoid waxing or plucking the hairs as these methods can result in destroying your skin and hair follicles. While it is important to avoid plucking and waxing the hairs, you can still shave within 24 hours of getting the treatment.


Within the first few days after getting laser hair removal treatment, you will also want to avoid using topical beauty products. Your skin will be very sensitive during the healing process and using beauty products can irritate the skin. As a result, you will be better off not using topical products such as makeup, body washes, and deodorant. You can begin using these products again after 24 hours of getting laser hair removal treatment.


exfoliate after laser hair removal

Since hot water can burn and blister the skin, it is a good idea to take cool showers after getting laser treatment. You will want to avoid taking a hot shower for up to 48 hours getting the treatment. Along with not taking hot showers, you will also need to avoid using hot tubs or saunas as well. It is also important to avoid using heating pads as well as this can cause redness and irritation to your skin.


When you get laser hair removal treatment, there will be a lot of shedding of the hair. Within four weeks, the hair follicles will be destroyed and begin to fall out. One of the best ways to protect your skin is to exfoliate it during the next four weeks after getting the treatment. When exfoliating after laser hair removal, you will need to use a washcloth and mild scrub wash. Once assembling the washcloth and scrub wash, you will then just wipe over the treated area in circular motions. By doing this several times per week, you will accelerate the shedding and prepare yourself for your next treatment.

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What to do after laser hair removal?

It’s important to follow the recommended protocol for laser hair removal aftercare in order to maintain skin health, avoid discomfort and skin issues, and optimize results. The first thing to do after your laser hair removal session is over is ask your laser hair technician to apply something to your skin that will sooth any potential redness or bumps. Examples include cortisone cream and aloe vera gel. 

There is no downtime needed after laser hair removal treatment, so you can continue to go about your day, but remember to stay out of the sun. Too much sunlight can irritate the skin.

What is the best thing to do after laser hair removal?

The best thing to do after laser hair removal is to exfoliate your skin regularly during the four weeks following your treatment but wait at least 24 hours before exfoliating after laser hair removal. Use a washcloth and a mild soap or scrub wash and gently wipe over the treated area in circular motions. Do this several times a week to help speed up the shedding of hair follicles and prepare your skin for the next sessions.

What can you not do after laser hair removal?

Avoid direct exposure to the sun as best as possible, and especially stay away from laying out to tan outside for at least two weeks after laser hair removal, as it could result in severe sunburn.

While you are getting laser hair removal, do not use any other method of hair removal aside from shaving, as this needs to be done within 24 hours of each session. Do not wax or pluck the hairs in the area being treated. These methods can destroy the skin and hair follicles.

How do I take care of my skin after laser hair removal?

The best laser hair removal care tips include wearing at least 30 SPF at all times and making sure to reapply when necessary, avoiding makeup and other beauty products for at least 24 hours following a session, and exfoliating the treated area a few times per week in between sessions. It is also advised to avoid hot showers, hot tubs, saunas, and heating pads on the treated area for at least 48 hours following a session as the excess heat irritates or causes burning and/or blistering of the skin. Take cool showers instead for those first two days following treatment.

Can you moisturize after laser hair removal?

It’s advised not to use any topical beauty products within 24 hours of getting laser hair removal. Applying any kind of skincare after laser hair removal, including things like makeup, body washes, and deodorant could potentially irritate the skin because the skin is extra sensitive right after a session because it is going through a healing process. It is recommended to apply something like cortisone cream or aloe vera gel to calm and soothe the skin.