Varicose Veins: 7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Varicose vein removal understands varicose veins can appear when people stand for long periods. In this instance, age does not seem to matter. If there is a weakness in the vein wall, they can bulge and swell. Sometimes the color is bluish. But generally, they show on the legs.

Varicose Vein Treatment

However, during pregnancy, they can appear as a woman’s stomach grows. Other extremities may also face the problems of varicose veins.

Although varicose veins can affect comfort, there are seven myths you shouldn’t believe. Please contact our Fort Lauderdale vein doctor for varicose vein treatment.

The Top Myths About Varicose Veins:

Caused by hereditary means

Massage cures varicose veins

Caused by pregnancy

Crossing the legs

Varicose veins can be avoided

Tattoos are bad for varicose veins

Only the old get varicose veins

Truth, Over Myth:

Heredity does not dictate whether a person will have varicose veins. The strain of standing on a job or participating in other prolonged activities can trigger strain on the body’s structure, causing varicose veins. Only half of the people with varicose veins have relatives with the problem.

Massage helps with many ailments. However, it will not cure the malady of varicose veins. However, a soothing massage can make this problem a bit more comfortable.

Pregnancy, in itself, does not cause this issue. Veins do show up on a woman’s stomach when she becomes pregnant. This happens when the skin stretches, and lotions are not applied to assist the stretching of the skin. Again, this is related to the strain on the skin.

People have crossed the legs for centuries, and not everyone who practices this movement has gotten varicose veins. The issue is due to weak vein walls not holding the legs in a certain position, or wearing excessively tight clothing.

Avoiding this problem is not possible. Older persons and those with inactive and active lives are subject to varicose veins. Lack of exercise makes the body weak, and too much strain affects the body as well. Therefore, anyone is subject to getting varicose veins, at any time.

Tattoos are decorative drawings on the skin. Some are fearful of getting a tattoo because they think they will cause them to suffer varicose veins. This is a myth about varicose veins that is simply not true. This does not cause varicose veins. So, if you enjoy this endeavor, tattoo away.

Varicose Vein TreatmentsVaricose veins are not an affliction of the old. Anyone can find a broken vein on their body. This problem can be treated. But remember, it’s not something that only afflicts the old.

People in the past have worked at very strenuous jobs. Many today stand for hours while at work. These positions are known to place a strain on the walls of the veins. Besides, those participating in sports activities and office work may face the problem of varicose veins as well. Understanding the real options, and removing the myths you shouldn’t believe, offers a chance for managing varicose veins.

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