Vein Removal with Sclerotherapy

Tired of looking at your legs, only to have unsightly varicose veins and spider veins staring back at you? Miami vein expert, Dr. Susan Fox, is ready to work her magic with the well-known and sought-after Miami vein removal technique called Vein Sclerotherapy treatment.

This medical procedure, a proven and popular treatment since the 1930’s, helps to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins by injecting a solution directly into the vein, which will then irritate the blood vessel lining, cause it to collapse and stick together, and make the blood clot. The vessel will turn into scar tissue and eventually fade away completely.

There is no surgery involved in this minimally invasive technique. It simply involves the injection of a medication, which gets rid of the old vein, It only takes about 15-20 minutes, which is ideal for most clients who don’t want their aesthetic treatment taking up their entire day. For the most part, there is not much pain involved; however, you may feel discomfort for a couple minutes, especially if the veins being worked on are on the larger side. In addition to removing varicose veins and spider veins from the body, Sclerotherapy also helps relieve the symptoms that are associated with these veins, such as aching,itching, swelling, burning, or night cramps.

Not everyone is a candidate for Sclerotherapy treatment, though. It is not recommended for those who are pregnant, and individuals who have had a blood clot at some point in their past.  They will have their eligibility determined based on why they had the blood clot, and their overall health. Most veins treated would not be used for heart bypass or needed in the future.

Common Symptoms after Sclerotherapy Treatment

Following treatment, you may experience a few common symptoms such as leg pain and cramping, and it is highly recommended to pursue a daily walking routine to help with circulation and prevent any blood clots from forming in the treated vein. Recovery time is short, unlike older techniques that could require weeks of downtime. Most Sclerotherapy patients are able to resume their normal day-to-day activities quickly after the treatment. Your Fort Lauderdale vein doctor may also ask you to wear compression stockings or bandages to maintain compression on the vein, and it’s also strongly advised to avoid sun exposure and heavy weight lifting for two weeks after you’ve been treated.

visual sclerotherapy

At Fox Vein & Laser Experts, clients can go through this vein removal procedure in confidence knowing that they are under the care of the best Miami vein doctor. Dr. Fox and her team have decades of experience, and she has even been featured on American and Latin American television programs as a vein expert. When you come to the Miami vein center, you know you are getting the best Miami vein treatments available.

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