What is Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a procedure that is performed in order to remove varicose veins. It is an outpatient procedure that can be completed in our office. There is no need for general anesthesia and the recovery time is nonexistent. Tiny incisions are made in the skin in the area of the varicose vein. A type of hook is used to grab hold of the problem vein and gently pull it out.

While there are other options that can be used for varicose vein removal, such as endovenous laser ablation or sclerotherapy, these alternatives take a long time to see results. Ambulatory Phlebectomy offers immediate relief from these troublesome veins.

Why Choose Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

Many patients opt for ambulatory phlebectomy because they simply cannot bear the appearance of their varicose veins. Discomfort is another major factor. Varicose Veins can make your legs cramp. They may ache all of the time. They can even cause swelling to the point that your legs feel heavy and it’s like they are dragging all of the time. Choose ambulatory phlebectomy to find relief from your painful symptoms. You won’t have to keep your veins covered anymore either.

What Can You Do to Have Optimal Results?

You will be able to return to your normal activities after you have undergone ambulatory phlebectomy. However, you can help yourself to have the best results and steer clear of future problems with varicose veins. Compression Stockings are very helpful in promoting healthy circulation. Be sure to follow our doctor’s recommendations when it comes to how often you should wear them after your procedure, as well as into the future.

Start a walking regimen. It’s important to strengthen your legs in order to have improved circulation. Shed those extra pounds to put less of a burden on your legs. Watch what you eat. A diet that is high in salt can worsen varicose veins.

Talk to Our Doctor About Ambulatory Phlebectomy

If you want to get rid of your problem veins, ambulatory phlebectomy at Fox Vein & Laser Experts is a possible solution. Make an appointment at our office in Pembroke Pines or Hollywood and ask about this helpful procedure. It’s had a high success rate for many satisfied patients. You could join the ranks and make your varicose veins a thing of the past with ambulatory phlebectomy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more.