What to Expect During ClariVein Treatment

The ClariVein® procedure is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for those who suffer from unsightly varicose veins. These large spider-vein problems usually develop on the legs, caused by damaged tissue that forces blood vessels to branch out near the skin.

Traditional treatments involve closing off the vein by making an incision, and scarring often develops as a result. We encourage anyone seeking a gentle, permanent cure for varicose veins to consider the ClariVein alternative. The procedure is performed in-house, and there is no overnight stay or lengthy downtime for the individual.

How ClariVein® is Performed

Patients can expect a comfortable stay at the Fort Lauderdale vein clinic, with no deep invasive surgery, performed. Instead of using heat to damage the vein, ClariVein® uses a small catheter to penetrate inside the blood vessel. A rotating tube is placed in the vein. This damages the interior walls of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse. A drug is sprayed onto the affected area to prevent any infection. The drug also helps seal off the vein permanently, and this prevents any new blood vessel wall tissue from forming.

What Patients can Expecthand veins

We schedule a consultation with the client and explain the entire procedure from start to finish. A local anesthetic is applied to the skin before the insertion of the catheter. The catheter is connected to a motorized handpiece that controls the speed of the rotating tip. The catheter is spun at high speed for several minutes. The client will feel a slight buzzing sensation in the affected region of tissue, but no pain is experienced.No other injections are necessary, nor will there be a large scar developing after the procedure is complete. The procedure can take less than 30 minutes.

After Treatment

There is no lengthy downtime for the client after treatment is complete. In most cases, we may recommend using a compression bandage for several days during the healing process. If the vein is completely sealed, the blood vessels that make up the spider veins will degrade because of the lack of nutrients supplied by the blood.

ClariVein®Benefits of ClariVein® Treatment

Other, more traditional varicose veins and fertility treatments in NYC involve the use of multiple drugs, targeted laser heat, or actual surgery to cauterize or remove the varicose veins. ClariVein® is different because it uses gentle abrasive energy to damage the vessel walls. The spinning catheter wire is so narrow that it does not deliver enough energy to damage the vein severely. The abrasive action and subsequent delivery of the spray drug only act to collapse the vein. None of the surrounding tissue is damaged, so there is very little chance of bruising.

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