Winter is the Right Time For Vein Laser Treatments: Why?

Winter is normally a time when you try to stay as warm as possible. Laser Therapy is something you might assume is tackled in the spring and summer, so why would doctors encourage you to get it done in the winter? Well, protecting your self-image is among the top contenders on the list. Laser treatment might go along way to improving things, but you will need to deal with that short window post-treatment.

Top experts explain below the reasoning behind the thinking. The method behind the madness exposed by some of the top experts and surgeons in the area.

Laser Vein Removal Miami : The Tops Reasons Why Experts Encourage You To Get Your Laser Treatment In the Winter

1) After you have a vein laser treatment, your skin could feel raw, even chafed. The sun is going to do a lot of damage during that time, particularly during the hot summer months. The overcast days can do some damage too. The UV rays find a way to penetrate through. You have to keep applying sunscreen or whatever lotion you have lying around.

That lotion is going to irritate your skin too. That day you have planned at the beach will be disastrous. You will not be able to enjoy the beach at all. That is why experts encourage you to get your vein laser treatment done during the winter months.

2) What happens during the winter months? You wear a lot of clothing, especially if you live in cold areas. You will pile on the scarves and jackets. The extra clothes will cover any signs of recent treatments.

Extra clothing will also keep your skin protected from UV rays. It might be winter, but that does not mean the UV rays are not trying to poke their way through. It is similar to an overcast day. Sometimes the winter months can do more harm to your skin than the summer weather.

3) Sometimes it rains in the winter months. Rainy weather is the perfect excuse to not do anything. Sometimes you make plans with someone and do not know how to get out of it. Sometimes you just want to stay in.

Winter weather is the perfect excuse to stay in. That way you do not have to explain your skin to anyone. Sometimes even our best friend in the world can be judgmental without meaning to.

4) There might be side effects, though they could be minimal at best. The effects will fade away after a bit, but you might need a few days to contend with the initial post-treatment.

Like it or not, people do judge you for how you look, especially after laser treatment. This is your chance to hide away during the winter months. That way you can come back in the spring looking brand new.

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