Top Benefits of Minimally Invasive Treatments for Vein Removal

Living with varicose veins can be a devastating problem. Not only does it cause frustration and self-consciousness due to cosmetic concerns, but these damaged veins can cause discomfort and pain, with symptoms like itching, aching, burning sensations, swelling, and cramping. Varicose veins can also lead to worse conditions such as skin ulcers, inflammation of the vein, referred to as phlebitis, and blood clotting in the vein, also known as thrombosis.

To lessen the risk of developing these conditions, it’s important to pay close attention to how your body is feeling, and if your varicose veins are beginning to affect how you live your day-to-day life, it’s time to seek out medical help. At Fox Vein & Laser Experts, providing relief from varicose veins is our top concern. Dr. Susan B Fox has decades of experience in diagnosing, treating, and curing vein conditions, and she and her expert medical team provide excellent care and service to each and every patient that works through our doors looking for help with their varicose veins.

Minimally Invasive and Non-Invasive Treatments for Vein Removal

One of the benefits of coming to Fox Vein & Laser Experts for vein removal treatments is that we offer a variety of minimally invasive and non-invasive procedure options, so you will not be forced to undergo a surgical procedure should you be uncomfortable with that particular treatment route. What does this mean exactly? Non-invasive means that there are no medical tools or devices required; there is no cutting into the skin, and no equipment enters the body. Minimally invasive means that there are very tiny incisions made into the skin.

vein removal treatmentBefore recent technology made these minimally invasive and non-invasive possible, the traditional vein removal procedure was called vein stripping. This surgical treatment involved making small incisions in the skin where the affected vein was present and physically removing the veins out of the body.

Fox Vein & Laser Experts offers these minimally invasive treatments:

Sclerotherapy: This simple procedure is most often used for small varicose veins that are located closer to the surface of the skin. Your vein doctor injects a medicated solution directly into the affected vein with a very fine needle. The solution disrupts the lining of the vessels, and vein walls then stick together and seal shut. Blood is then rerouted to healthier veins, and the treated veins will become scar tissue that the body naturally removes and replaces with healthy tissue.

Foam Sclerotherapy: This treatment is essentially the same as traditional Sclerotherapy, but the solution is mixed with water to become a foam before it’s injected into the vein. The foam is able to cover larger amounts of the skin, so this type of sclerotherapy is used for larger varicose veins.

Endovenous Laser Ablation: This procedure is used for large varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. Your vein doctor makes a very tiny incision where the affected vein is located and inserts a very thin laser fiber. The incision is so small that it typically does not leave any kind of scar and does not require stitches. The laser fiber shoots out small pulses of energy and as they are delivered, the fiber is pulled through the vein. The vein is heated, which then causes it to collapse and close. The blood from the veins is then redirected and the treated veins become scars that will fade over time.

The benefits of minimally invasive treatments for vein removal are mainly that the procedures are fast and easy, virtually pain-free, and require very little to no downtime. Sclerotherapy is the least invasive and most comfortable procedure, and most patients are able to resume their daily activities immediately following their appointment. Endovenous laser ablation is often performed in less than 30 minutes, so it can easily be squeezed into a busy schedule. Most impressively, this particular treatment has a 98-100 success rate when it comes to varicose vein removal.

GentleMax Pro® for Laser Vein Removal

One of the non-invasive devices that we use for laser vein removal is called the GentleMax Pro®. This laser is one of the safest and most effective machines for vein removal on today’s market. It’s ideal for all skin types and tones, and there have been studies done that show its success in eliminating spider veins and many other aesthetic concerns. The GentleMax Pro works by directing two different wavelengths of light at the affected area of skin. The laser energy passes through the top layer and is then absorbed by the affected vein. The vein heats up, shatters, and is then naturally reabsorbed by the body, and blood is redirected to healthier veins.

laser vein treatmentBenefits of Non-Invasive Laser Treatments for Vein Removal

There are three main benefits of laser treatment for vein removal: patients typically feel very little to no pain at all during the procedure; there is very minimal to no downtime following the procedure; and it is an ideal option for patients who do not want to go through a painful, invasive surgical operation.

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