Important Things To Know Before Getting Tattoo Removal

Are you ready to take the plunge and finally remove the tattoo you’ve been agonizing over and cringing about?

What may have once seemed like a fun and exciting idea years ago, may over time become less meaningful, and maybe even embarrassing. It’s in these moments that you feel regret about that time you let your skin act as a leaving, breathing canvas for an artist. The tattoo artist was just doing his or her job, but the rush of emotions you felt as the needle pricked against your skin clouded your mind from thinking toward the future. Would this tattoo really be forever?

tattoo removalIf this scenario sounds all too true for you, you have also most likely considered having your tattoo removed, but maybe you have been too scared or nervous about the process. You have probably heard rumors that it is excruciatingly painful, leaves permanent scars or marks, or that it doesn’t really even work to completely remove the pigment from your skin. Forget these negative comments you’ve heard – Fox Vein & Laser Experts is here to assure you that tattoo removal does not embody all of these things. In fact, the laser tattoo removal procedure that we perform on patients in our office is known for its efficiency on tattoos of all colors, shades, and tones. It’s known for causing little to no pain, and eliminating the risk for potential scabbing, blistering, swelling, itching like traditional tattoo removal can cause. Your skin will be just as smooth and clear as it was pre-tattoo!

PicoWay® Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal

We use the gold standard in laser tattoo removal: the PicoWay® Laser, a device that releases a high amount of energy in small, short bursts that work to destroy the ink particles in your tattoo by shattering them into tiny little pieces that the body can then naturally absorb and get rid of. These short yet strong bursts are the reason this laser can focus on individual pigment much more closely than older methods and deliver optimal results in a short period of time. This means quicker treatments and less sessions needed for fast results!

Before coming in for your first laser tattoo removal treatment, there are a few key things we want to make sure you know:

Everyone is different when it comes to the number of sessions needed. It depends on a number of things, including your skin type, how old the tattoo is, the size and color of the tattoo, and where it is on your body. The average is about 2-3 sessions for smaller tattoos, and 4-6 for larger.

Although the PicoWay laser is known for not causing much pain, we understand that some patients are more sensitive than others or may be worried. For that reason, we do offer a numbing cream which will make the laser tattoo removal session completely pain-free. Without the numbing cream, the laser feels like tiny rubber band flicks, which can sometimes feel uncomfortable or ticklish. The numbing cream will remove any of this potential discomfort.

Laser tattoo removal

Your skin is more sensitive after any kind of laser skincare procedure, so aftercare is very important. The number one rule after your laser tattoo removal procedure is to avoid the sun. Sun exposure can be very harmful to a tattoo during the removal process. Even if you don’t think you are in direct sunlight, the sun can still reach you in unexpected ways, so please always wear sunscreen! Additional precautions to take include:

Keep the part of the body being treated out of the water as much as possible.

Keep the area moist using an antibiotic or something like Vaseline or Aquaphor. Put these ointments on immediately after your removal session, and then cover with a bandage or gauze.

Avoid scrubbing the area too hard to eliminate the risk for infection.

Do not shave, apply makeup, cream or perfume the area.

Avoid swimming in chlorine or salt water.

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Our laser tattoo removal experts see the results and know how well this particular laser works to remove unwanted tattoos. We can remove tattoos from the face, neck, back, hands, legs, etc — wherever that tattoo is lurking, we can get rid of it. If this is something you have been thinking about doing, we urge you to give us a call at 954-627-1045 to schedule a consultation. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the procedure, as our team is happily ready to answer any and all of your concerns. At Fox Vein & Laser Experts, our main objective is to provide our patients with an incredibly comfortable experience both physically and emotionally, and the most successful results possible.