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Miami Legs Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal Miami is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure designed to drastically reduce hair growth in areas considered unsightly. The technique uses specially designed lasers to safely burn away leg hair. This affects not only the surface hairs but even the follicles, which are located under the skin. This halts unwanted hair growth at its source. Once the now severed hairs are shed the pores they once occupied close up, stymying future growth in that area. The result is a stubble surface that is smooth and uniform both to the eye and to the touch.

Why get laser hair removal for legs?

Leg Laser Hair Removal Miami

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This method can be applied anywhere but is particularly effective when used on the leg’s hair and calves. Laser leg hair removal has a number of key benefits that make it quite appealing.

For one, it saves precious minutes on one of the most awkward and uncomfortable regions to shave. The legs take up a lot of surface area and giving them a clean and uniform shave is both frustrating and tedious. While laser hair removal Miami is more costly it saves considerable time and energy, reducing the amount of lost time, used razors, and uncomfortable leg nicks.

Because the follicles have been burned out, it takes much longer for them to grow back. While there is no permanent solution to unsightly hair growth, repeated treatments can greatly reduce the return rate. This gives recipients 6 to 12 months worth of smooth legs with little hassle.

Laser leg hair removal works best on people with dark, coarse hairs and fair skin. It is also effective on darker skin tones, however, the treatment requires a different style of laser to achieve the same results. As such it may be prudent to discuss the procedure with your doctor or another consultant to ensure they have the necessary equipment.

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