Facts about Laser Hair Removal

Let’s be honest — no one actually enjoys shaving. It’s a tedious, tireless process that, for some, is an everyday task. Even waxing can be a pain to deal with. You are not supposed to shave the hair in between appointments, as it interferes with the growth of the hair follicles and makes it harder for the wax to pull. This means that you will inevitably run into time periods when hair is noticeable.

laser hair removalCouple that with the fact that appointments need to be made quite frequently, and that can start to get pretty expensive after a while. And don’t even get us started on using tweezers to pluck those smaller, stubborn hairs!

An alternative is needed for these short-term solutions to remove undesirable hair! Legs, underarms, bikini area, back, arms, face… Regardless of where this unwanted hair is, unwanted facial and body hair is just that: unwanted. 

Enter Laser Hair Removal

For men and women who live in South Florida, especially in Miami, the warm weather and beach days certainly inspire skin-baring outfits. How nice would it be to be able to get dressed and not have to worry about shaving first? Think about that incredible ease of just being able to get up and go, the convenience of having smooth and shiny skin ready to take on whatever the day has in store, and whatever outfit goes along with it.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. This is an attainable goal! With laser hair removal, shaving and waxing can be a thing of the past. Throw out those razors and tweezers, kiss your monthly or weekly wax appointments goodbye, and get ready to show your skin some laser love!

Before committing to laser hair removal, you probably have a few questions. Will it actually work? Does it hurt? How much does it cost? How many sessions will it take? The laser hair removal experts at Fox Vein & Laser Experts are here to ease your worries and answer all of your questions.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The first thing you need to do when considering laser hair removal is to find a reputable location with experienced aestheticians. When looking for the best laser hair removal center in Miami, Fox Vein & Laser Experts have you covered. We offer our patients the most innovative, comfortable, safe, and quick alternative to shaving, waxing, and tweezing: laser hair removal with the GentleMax Pro® laser. When we say quick, we really mean quick — one session can take as short as twenty minutes depending on how small of an area you’re having treated. Even better, each session will become shorter and shorter as your hair begins to dissipate.

This top-of-the-line laser uses dual-wavelength technology to deliver targeted bursts of energy directly into the hair follicle, allowing for our laser hair removal doctor to perform the precise, successful, and targeted treatment. The follicle absorbs the energy, which causes it to break down during each laser hair removal session. After a specific amount of sessions, a number that is different for everyone, the follicle will no longer have the ability to grow hair, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.

Before this newer, more advanced technology came about, it had been harder to perform laser hair removal on people with darker skin tone, but that is not the case with this specific laser we use here at Fox Vein & Laser Experts. The GentleMax Pro technology can be used on patients of all skin tones, light, and dark.

Laser hair removal can be done on various parts of the body, including the legs, underarms, face, arms, feet, bikini area, back, buttocks, chest, abdomen, chin, ears, nose, eyebrows, and neck.

How Many Sessions of Laser Hair Removal Do I Need?

One of the biggest benefits of using the GentleMax Pro laser is its level of strength. The technology is powerful enough that patients will not need as many sessions as they may have needed in the past. We typically recommend four to six treatments over a twelve-month period in order to achieve optimal results. However, it’s important to realize that everyone’s skin reacts differently to laser technology, and sometimes patients may need more than this recommended amount. Our laser hair removal team will discuss the progress made during each of your sessions, and make recommendations along the way.

There are a couple of at-home practices that will help you achieve your desired results more effectively and efficiently. We advise avoiding waxing or tweezing the area being treated, keeping the treated area out of direct sunlight, and not going to a tanning salon.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

The GentleMax Pro technology is known for being much more comfortable than other laser technology. The pulses of energy are quick and painless. At most, it feels like a slight pricking of the skin. If you are worried about potentially feeling any pain, numbing cream can be applied to the area 30 minutes prior to treatment.

laser hair removal

Some patients may experience slight redness at the site of the laser hair removal treatment; however, this is very minor and will go away within a day of the treatment. Other than that, there are no other side effects and absolutely zero downtime. The treatment is so short and painless that it could easily be done on your lunch break from work!

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of laser hair removal largely depends on the size of the area being treated and usually is on a per treatment basis. Typically, the price per area is around $250. We are constantly running specials on our laser hair removal treatments here at Fox Vein & Laser Center, so be on the lookout for those great deals.

We post these specials on our social media, so make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Before proceeding with your treatment, our team will always go over the price structure with you and determine a payment plan that you are comfortable with.

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There are countless benefits to getting laser hair removal. You will no longer have to endure painful waxing and tweezing. There will be no more annoyance of having to shave every day, and say goodbye to those awful ingrown hairs too! You can confidently sport your sundresses, skirts, shorts, and bathing suits without worrying about visible stubble. Laser hair removal is also much more cost-effective. It might sound like an expensive skincare treatment upfront, but because of the permanent nature of the service, it will end up saving you money in the long run. You won’t have to shell out money to pay for waxing treatments, nor will you have to spend money on razors and blades, gel or cream, and other shaving necessities. 

It’s a fast, safe, effective way to get rid of that unwanted hair — for good.

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