Is Body Sculpting the same as Body Contouring

Body Sculpting vs Body Contouring

Body Contouring treatments have seen a huge jump in popularity over the last decade. We aren’t talking about surgical treatments, though. It’s the non-invasive market that has steadily been on the rise, helping people reach their desired body goals in a safe and effective way, without needing to go under the knife.

What is Body Contouring?

body contouring treatments

Sometimes eating a well balanced diet and keeping up with a frequent exercise routine just isn’t enough, and you need to add a little something extra to get the tight and toned body you’re coveting. Certain areas of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, flanks and underarms, can prove to be very stubborn. This is where body contouring treatments can come to the rescue and help address all of these areas.

But wait, what exactly is body contouring? Let’s first look at the definition of the word contouring. Typically, this word is used in the beauty industry to describe a makeup technique using foundation and/or bronzer in a specific way to accentuate and/or enhance the shape of the face. When you add the word body in front of it, it makes perfect sense. It is a body shaping technique using a special device and technology to accentuate, enhance, and improve the shape of various parts of the body.

Difference between Body Sculpting and Body Contouring

You might also hear the phrase body sculpting used to describe this same kind of body shaping treatment. Traditionally in the past, both body contouring and body sculpting have referred to invasive surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons in a hospital setting. Examples include liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, face lifts, and any other medical procedure that involves physically cutting into the body and performing surgery to get rid of excess fat and/or skin. These procedures require patients to go under anesthesia, and are followed by a long and grueling recovery process that often comes with some serious stipulations to follow during that downtime.

Since these new non-invasive treatments have come on the market, though, the verbiage has become a little unclear. The word lipolysis is the medical term to describe non-surgical treatment options that use laser devices, combination of cold and heat, etc. for fat reduction and body shaping, but it seems that more and more people, both in the aesthetics industry and not, are now using body contouring and body sculpting interchangeably to describe those lipolysis treatments too.

PHYSIQ Body Contouring Treatment

Fox Vein & Laser Experts has recently started to offer its patients one of the newest and most effective non-invasive body contouring treatments on the market, PHYSIQ. This kind of body contouring is completely non-invasive. Treatments can be done relatively quickly in less than an hour, and provide a much more comfortable experience for patients than any surgical procedure ever could. There is no downtime after or between treatments either. The amount of sessions needed varies, as it depends on the area being treated, and the patient’s health condition and goals.

PHYSIQ uses four individual gel-padded applicators that can target different parts of the body at the same time. Treatments can be customized depending on the area of the body being treated, and each individual patient’s concerns and desired results. It’s designed to help you “get your body to the next level,” and we have absolutely seen it do its job!

This FDA-cleared device is unique because it uses STEP Technology, a technology that no other body contouring or body sculpting device on the market uses. STEP stands for Sequential Thermal and Electrical Pulse, which uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) combined with superluminescent diode matrix (SDM) to bring maximum results. The treatment starts with the device heating up the targeted area of the body to target the tissue. Don’t worry though, there is no heat spike and the skin will never get too hot. It reaches a therapeutic temperature, and maintains that same temperature throughout the entire session. Just in case it does ever start to become uncomfortable, patients have full control of the device’s energy levels through the use of a control button. Once that therapeutic temperature is reached, the muscles are contracted, stimulated and re-educated to tighten and tone wherever needed.

body contouring treatmentsPHYSIQ can be used on the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs and arms. The best candidates for this type of treatment are those who already live a healthy lifestyle, yet have reached a plateau where certain parts of the body just don’t seem to budge. For optimal results, Dr. Susan Fox recommends using PHYSIQ as a supplement to a balanced diet and fitness regimen.

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