Is Vaping Harming Your Veins?

The Cardiovascular System

The arteries carry the blood from the heart to all region of the body. Since the heart pumps the blood through the arteries, they are a part of the high-pressure system.

The vein is a blood vessel that returns the blood to various areas of the body to the heart. Unlike the arteries, the veins are a part of the low-pressure system, and they rely on muscles contraction to move the blood to the heart.

The veins must work against gravity to return blood to the heart from your arms and legs. Because of the low low-pressure system of the vein, the vein is more susceptible to blood clots.

There are many causes of blood clots. Some of them include injury, obesity, smoking and now vaping. Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling an aerosol, which is referred to as vapor. E-cigarettes or other devices produce vapor.


E-cigarettes are devices that battery-powered, and they disperse chemical and nicotine. The dispersion becomes airborne so that users can exhale and inhale the vapor. E-cigarettes induce behavioral aspects similar to smoking, such as hand-to-mouth action without tobacco.

E-cigarettes or vaping device contains a mouthpiece, battery, heating element, and a cartridge. The heating element is battery-powered.

The battery warms the heating element, which in turn heats the liquid contents into an aerosol that is inhaled and then exhaled.

The cartridge is filled with liquid solutions called e-juice or e-liquids. Some of the liquids include glycol, propylene, nicotine, additives, other chemicals, other metals and flavorings, but not tobacco.

THC, which is a marijuana mind-altering effect chemical and Flakka, which is a synthetic drug, is sometimes used in the vaping devices instead of nicotine.

The Vaping effects on the Vein

Nicotine is a chemical substance that contains nitrogen. It is toxic, highly addictive, and it is the primary agent in both e-cigarette and regular cigarettes. Nicotine is made from a variety of plants, and it can also be produced synthetically.

Nicotine can cause you to crave smoke. If you ignore the cravings, the withdrawal symptoms can boost your adrenaline, raise your blood pressure and increase your heart rate.

Studies have shown the effects of vaping on the DNA and Lungs.

Mouses in the study show that brief exposure to the device’s vapors can hurt your blood vessels.

Studies also show vaping damaged blood vessels. When the vessels are damaged or injured, it can cause them to fail to widen and dilate. These types of injury can increase the risk of having a heart disease.

Research Studies on Vaping

University of Pennsylvania researcher conducted a study that showed that vaping affects the vein. Participants in the study had their thigh cuffed to restrict the flow of blood in the veins and femoral artery.

When the cuffs were removed, blood flow within minutes resumes its normal flow. The blood flowed quickly to offset for the lack of nutrient and oxygen in the body by speeding up the blood flow.

However, after the participant vape, the blood vessels did not widen to accept the inflow of blood. The blood vessels dilated, the flow of blood decreased by a little over 25 percent, and oxygenated blood decreased by approximately 20 percent. The study showed, on average, a decrease of 34 percent dilation before they inhaled the vapor.

A prior study showed when glycerol, propylene and glycol are heated, the fusion of the chemicals can send a poisonous response to the lining of the blood vessel or endothelium.

The Results of Vaping

Whenever the blood flow in the veins is reduced, the restricted flow can cause a pooled of blood that can form veins that are varicose and expand the walls of the blood vessels.

Smoking effects on the cardiovascular system is documented well. Nicotine and carbon monoxide restrict blood flow in the arteries and the veins, which can lead to plugged arteries. Now, current studies are showing that vaping can also damage or injure the veins, even without the use of nicotine.

Yes. Vaping is harmful to your veins and they can leave you with spider and varicose veins. Spider veins and varicose veins are not just a cosmetic issues. You can have them removed from centers around such as Vein Clinic Miami.

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